Seeking more women for our award-winning apprenticeship scheme

Building a rich and diverse workforce for the future

Striving towards diversity in the workplace

At British Gas, it’s important to us that we serve our customers and our community as best we can. Having a diverse workforce is a huge part of that. Not only will we be a fairer place to work, but we will better reflect the customers we serve.  

It’s predicted that the UK will need almost two million new engineering, science and technology professionals by 2022 1, and with women making up over half the population the statistics clearly show a massive gap in gender representation.

Right now, just 7% of British engineering professionals are female and women account for less than 15% of engineering graduates 2. Our sector is clearly male-dominated, and as industry leaders it’s our responsibility to change that.

Equal opportunities for all

We’re recruiting 1,000 new apprentices. We want 50% to be women

We’re determined to give women a fairer chance to reap the rewards from this fast-growing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sector. So whether you’re a 16-year-old school leaver or a mother seeking a return to work there’s an opportunity for you on our award-winning training and apprenticeship scheme. And we’re proud to have just recruited our 75th female apprentice for 2021.

Earn while you learn. You get a salary from day one, with a substantial increase once you complete your apprenticeship. An Apprentice Service and Repair Engineer’s salary, rises to £35,172 when fully qualified and competent.

Receive award-winning training in a British Gas Academy, developing skills for life under the coaching and mentoring of seasoned professionals.

Gain valuable qualifications and awards, such as City and Guilds, Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) diplomas, the Duke of Edinburgh Award or benefit from the British Gas Award programme.

Learn as a group, giving you the support of your fellow apprentices while you build your confidence.

We’re working together for bigger change

Did you know that only 16% of women have technology suggested to them as a career compared with 36% of males? 3 To achieve a brighter future for tomorrow’s women we need to tackle the root cause of the problems. That’s why we’ve signed up to the Tech She Can Charter, a commitment by organisations to work together to increase the number of women working in technology roles in the UK. It aims to change things at a society level by inspiring and educating not only women and young girls, but also parents and teachers who are huge influencers of career choices.

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Empowering women at British Gas

As an industry leader we can positively influence the gender gap by being recognised as a great place for women to work. The purpose of our Women’s Employee Network is to be a catalyst for change, by enabling and empowering women to meet their full potential in the workplace. From adopting flexible job share arrangements to taking up shared parental leave or returning to work after taking a career break, we support women to be their best selves at work.

The Network is one of eight employee networks across the business and is just one of the ways we are committed to creating a truly diverse and inclusive company where everyone is welcome.

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