Celebrating 50 years of Pride

29th June 2022

We want all our colleagues to be able to bring their whole selves to work. As part of our ongoing support for the LGBT+ community, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Gaydio to march at the Pride in London parade on 2nd July 2022.

British Gas are proud to be partnering with Gaydio.

Pride: Where it all began

On 1st July 1972, the first UK Gay Pride festival took place in London. 2,000 people gathered to celebrate the lesbian and gay community and came together in support of equal rights. Back then, life was very different. Until 1967, just five years before that first parade, homosexuality was still a crime. Even after it was legalised, there was still a long way to go until gay people won the same rights as everyone else. 1

Now, 50 years on, thankfully a lot has changed, and everyone has the same rights under UK law, regardless of their sexual orientation. Today, instead of being a protest march demanding equal rights, Pride is a celebration of a diverse community.

British Gas: Proud to be a part of Pride

This year, British Gas is partnering with Gaydio, the LGBTQ+ radio station for the UK and a Gold sponsor of Pride in London. The highlight of the partnership will be British Gas colleagues walking with Gaydio at the front of the march. Look out for us and our dual branded flags – and give us a wave if you spot us!

And listen out for our colleagues on Gaydio throughout the day, talking about why Pride is important to them.

Look out for our dual branded flags.

Pride is for everyone

And it won’t just be our LGBT+ colleagues who will be marching. Spectrum, our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender+ employee network, is open to everyone whether they identify as LGBT+ or want to be an ally to those who do.

Celebrating our differences is key to a well-rounded, educated and accepting society, Pride helps because it creates a safe space for our community and helps to bring any minority into mainstream life.


As well as supporting and celebrating our colleagues within the community, we want to show those outside the business that we are an open and welcoming place to work. For the Spectrum community, Pride gives our people something to join in with, so they feel able to say that they work for a business that supports them. And it shows others that we are a forward thinking, progressive and supportive workplace.

Pride is extra special this year, because not only does it celebrate its 50th year, but it’s also been a couple of years since it’s been able to happen in person.

After two years of a pandemic, where most UK Pride events were cancelled, this is our chance to get out and celebrate our identity. For some, this may even be their first event, and for a few it might even be their chance to see that diversity is nothing to be scared of and the support network means they are not alone or isolated.

Flying the flag on our vans.

What Pride means to me

Personally, I have spent many years being fabulous at Pride events. I enjoy a few drinks alongside others who respect me and don’t judge. I am sure if we ever meet, I could tell you a few stories to make you giggle.


And I am proud to say I work for British Gas and Centrica, because diversity and inclusion is supported all the way up to our executive board. This makes us a forward-thinking business where everyone has the opportunity to grow, flourish and have a great career. Of course, this is also a win for the business, because some amazing talent comes from our diverse employees. In turn, this helps us to fully understand the challenges of some of our customers too, which helps to protect and future-proof our business.

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