Here to help this winter

Working with the British Gas Energy Trust.

The rising cost of living in the UK has created financial difficulty for many people this winter. And we want to do whatever we can to help.

That’s why yesterday we announced a new £2 million Winter Fuel Fund to help our most financially vulnerable customers. This is on top of the funding we already make available via the British Gas Energy Trust. 1

Read on to find out more about the Winter Fuel Fund and other ways we can help if you’re finding it difficult to pay your bills.

Winter Fuel Fund

We set up this fund to help our most in need customers. If you find it tough paying your winter bills and have a debt of at least £250, you could be awarded a grant to help with this. And it comes with no strings attached. It’ll simply be paid directly onto your energy bill.

Am I eligible for the Winter Fuel Fund?

If you’re eligible, we’ll get in touch with you via letter or email. You can also find out more details on how to apply via the British Gas Energy Trust website.

Don’t worry if you’re not eligible for the Winter Fuel Fund, there’s still plenty of other ways to get help. For instance, the trust offers you access to various resources and free advice-giving organisations across England, Scotland and Wales. You can speak to a trained advisor for free, online or by phone, and get some really useful help.

If I’m invited to apply, what happens next?  

The best way to explain this is to give you a rundown of how it works:

  • The fund is administered by the British Gas Energy Trust
  • This is an independent charitable trust 2, solely funded by us and set up to support people that face financial hardship and fuel poverty across England, Scotland and Wales
  • They check applications against an existing criteria to identify those most in need of additional support
  • If that’s you, we’ll get in touch and you’ll need to apply before the end of March 2022
  • Simple, right?
Here to help this winter.

What other ways can you help me?

If you’re not eligible for the Winter Fuel Fund, then there are still ways we can help.

Warm Home Discount

This year we’re contributing £120 million to help customers entitled to our Warm Home Discount. How does it work? It’s easy.  This scheme offers a one-off payment of £140 (inclusive of VAT) towards your energy bills. You can apply for it right now. And remember even if you’ve had the Warm Home Discount before, you need to re-apply for it again each year.

Apply for the Warm Home Discount

Difficulty paying bills?

The last thing we want is for anyone to struggle paying bills. Especially during the colder months when you need to keep warm. We can work with you on payment plans that suit your needs and budget and help make life that little bit easier.

Help with payments

More help? Try these out

  • Money Advice Service (or call 0800 138 7777)
  • National Debtline (or call 0808 808 4000)
  • Citizens Advice (or call 0808 223 1133) or Citizens Advice Scotland or Citizens Advice Wales
  • My Money Steps (or call 0808 808 4000)
  • StepChange Debt Charity (or call 0800 138 1111)

Keep your bills as low as possible this winter

The days are getting colder. The nights get dark earlier. Which means many of us are leaving lights on for longer and cranking up the heating (as well as putting it on earlier too!). This can all impact your energy bill. So to help you keep it low this winter, check out our guidance on how to be more energy savvy.

20 tips to use less energy

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Additional information

  1. This is on top of the funding we already make available via the British Gas Energy Trust.

  2. British Gas Energy Trust is Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation no 1179578.