Say goodbye to boring types of radiators...

… and hello to hip heating solutions! Keep cosy and stay stylish at the same time with the right room warmers for your home

Say goodbye to boring radiators.

Gone are the days when radiators were a dull but necessary afterthought. Today’s heating can be just as much a part of the look and feel of your home as your furniture or the style of lighting you use. You’re no longer constrained to wide white blocks, so you may want to update your radiators simply as a style statement. As well as keeping your home toasty, the latest designs can inject style into every room – and there are plenty of options to suit every budget. 

While they don’t break down as such, it's a good idea to replace radiators when you replace your boiler, or after 15-20 years. Rust, corrosion and blockages can cause them to underperform, and technology is always evolving so today’s radiators are more energy efficient than those of previous decades.

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1. Panel radiators 

Perfect for those who like to keep things simple, panel radiators combine a large surface area with a svelte look. They offer lots of flexibility when it comes to placement, leaving you plenty of options for placing furniture. While double panel radiators are more energy efficient, single panel radiators are better for smaller rooms where space might be an issue.

Panel radiators can add style to your room.

2. Designer radiators 

Available in a variety of shapes and colours, designer radiators can either blend into the background or become a focal point of your room. Create a feature wall by going for a sculptural design, or pick a colour that matches your paintwork. Upright or vertical radiators are great where space is tight, allowing you to position them almost anywhere you want, and without compromising on heating efficiency.

Position radiators wherever you want.

3. Traditional radiators 

Column radiator styles are timeless. The classic column radiator design is perfect for people living in Victorian or Edwardian houses or those looking to inject a little retro chic into their life. Although they slot easily into period sitting rooms, a variety of modern finishing and colouring options mean that they are equally at home in industrial style kitchens too. 

Traditional radiators are timeless.

4. Heated towel rails 

Heated towel rails are the perfect solution for warming up your bathroom whilst drying your softest fluffy towels. They are typically made up of rounded or straight-fronted tubes – just like the rungs of a ladder – helping you to dry several towels at once, a great option for busy families. 

These bathroom radiators are available in a huge array of shapes and sizes – from swanky stainless steel or chrome units that fit nicely into compact bathrooms and awkward spaces, to stunning high-end designer pieces shaped like coiled springs or coat hangers. 

Heated towel rails can heat up your bathroom.

5. Low surface temperature radiators 

Also known as LSTs, low surface temperature radiators eliminate any risk of scorching little hands – making them a good choice for new parents. They work by using airflow to keep the surface of the radiator cool without affecting heat performance. 

LST Radiators limit the risk of burning.

TRVs – your radiator’s best friend

Fit a thermostatic radiator valve to your radiator, and it will sense the air temperature of the room and adjust the amount of hot water entering your radiator accordingly, to give you more control of the temperature in each room.

Turn every radiator into a smart radiator with Hive Radiator Valves. These smart TRVs put you in total control, because they allow you to select a specific temperature for each room, rather than a setting like regular TRVs. Just tap the app to make any changes, and even to set schedules for each room.

Hive TRVs can control heating on demand.

Smart central heating systems

Hive Radiator Valves work with whatever heating system you have, but you can have even more control if you use Hive Active Heating, which will also increase your energy efficiency while lowering your bills. This state-of-the-art thermostat can hook up with your smartphone, tablet or laptop – allowing you to control your heating and hot water when you're on the move.

With Hive Active Heating can increase your energy efficiency.

Don’t forget about your boiler!

As well as being a stylish addition to your pad, an efficient heating system could help you lower your energy usage and reduce your utility bills, especially in the cold winter months. Start by investing in in a new high efficiency boiler, and be sure to get it and your heating system serviced annually.

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