Five top tips to keep you gas safe

Get your gas appliances checked regularly.

With so many of us using gas appliances in our homes, it’s important to stay safe. And you can do that by performing some basic safety checks. In fact, we’ve got five top tops to keep you gas safe.

1. Get your gas appliances checked regularly

There’s a reason why this comes top of the list. By having a regular service, you’ll have peace of mind that your boiler is running efficiently and working as it’s meant to. It also helps in preventing your boiler from breaking down, so you can make sure you get your heating and hot water when you want it. Regular checks will also help to prevent more serious issues, such as fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. But that’s something that we can look at, along with checking your appliances. Just arrange an annual service visit – book online or via the British Gas app and one of our expert engineers will come round to make sure everything’s in working order. Then you can relax until your next service rolls around.

2. Become a carbon monoxide master

One of the biggest threats surrounding gas appliances is carbon monoxide – the silent killer. An effective way for you to keep yourself and everyone in your house safe, is to have an audible carbon monoxide alarm. You can’t smell carbon monoxide. You can’t taste it. And you can’t see it. But with a carbon monoxide alarm (one with the British approval mark on it) – you can hear it.

3. Look out for warning signs

We’ve all been there. The boiler stops working. A flashing light comes on and you’re unsure what it means. Maybe the carbon monoxide alarm stops working and you have no spare batteries in the house. It’s important that you’re prepared (stock up on batteries) and if there ever is a warning sign, take action before anything serious happens. And know that we’re on hand to help.

Look out for the warning signs.

4. Get the right engineer

If anyone comes to your home to work on gas appliances, it’s absolutely essential that they’re on the Gas Safe Register. The good news is that our expert engineers are.

5. Taking precautions in your new home

You move into a new home. Everything seems fresh and new and exciting. But don’t forget, there are still precautions you need to take. You might have some paperwork from the previous owners about appliances, but we recommend you get your appliances tested. And guess who can help with that?

Sounds like a plan, let me book an engineer

So there you have it. Five simple steps to keep you safe. And we’re here to help whenever you need it. From booking a gas safety inspection to getting the right certificates for landlords, when you need home safety tips, just come to us.

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