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Making your home more energy efficient is easier than you think. There are lots of little DIY tricks that hardly cost anything, and for bigger jobs you could even get help like a home insulation grant. To get you started, here are a few practical tips.

Tin foil and radiators
Simple, yet incredibly efficient – a thin sheet of cardboard covered with tin foil and placed behind your radiators will keep more heat in your rooms. There are also many ready-made energy saving radiator panels which are widely available for a relatively low cost.

Tin foil placed behind a radiator

Give your hot water cylinder a jacket

If your hot water cylinder doesn’t have a jacket, it could be losing over 75% of its heat, which means up to £130 wasted each year on your energy bills. You can buy a jacket from most DIY stores and they’re very easy to fit.

Hot water cylinder with a jacket

Pop on some pipe lagging

Another simple trick to keep the water hot while saving money is to lag your pipes. You can buy ready-made insulation in DIY stores and plumbing outlets.

Pipe lagging

Draught-proof your home 
Homes need good ventilation to reduce condensation and damp but draughts are a different thing altogether. By blocking gaps around windows and doors, you could save up to £50 a year on your energy bills. You can buy everything you need to cut out draughts in most DIY stores and it’s pretty easy to install.

Draft proofing

Insulation, insulation, insulation
If your home isn’t insulated, about 25% of your heat is being lost through your roof and 33% through your walls (or 66% if they’re solid walls). That’s a lot of money getting away but the good news is that insulation will help to make your home cosy and warm, and your energy bills a few hundred pounds lower.

Insulation in a loft


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