Moving home checklist

  • What you need to know before you move house
  • Remember: You can never have enough bubble wrap

There are some who say that moving house is the most stressful period of your life. Don’t listen to those people, because they didn’t have a handy, downloadable Home Move Checklist to help them.

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From six weeks before you move, right through to the last few days, our checklist reminds you of everything you need to do at each point to make for a smooth running home move. You might want to keep the following in mind too…


10 things that will definitely happen when you move house

1. You will vastly underestimate the scale and cost of property removal. Don’t worry, everyone does it. Make sure you compare removal costs, as many companies offer discounts on weekdays.


2. You’ll find a box that’s been unopened since your last move, probably full of old books and magazines that you can’t bear to part with. This box will always be with you.


3. No home internet for a day or two! OMG! While you wait to get hooked up, you could spend the time normally allocated for social media updates to, you know, sort out your new home.


4. You’ll spend plenty of time trying furniture in different spots. Make sure you move your furniture into the new property first. Otherwise, you'll end up moving boxes around all over again to make room.


5. You’ve redirected your post. Top marks. However, don’t forget about those companies that may only contact you every six months to a year, such as pension providers. Let them know your new details.


6. You’ll uncover old photos and meaningful objects. Before you know it you’ll have spent hours reminiscing, when you should have been packing.

Image of bear with text saying "A massively underrated moving day distraction"


7. Swallow your pride and take a photo of how all your electronic equipment connects. It will save you hours of working out which wire goes where.  

Image of traffic junction with text saying "This is what the back of the TV looks like to non-tech types"


8. Well done on managing to disassemble your furniture. Now, did you make a note (or take a picture) to show which screws go in which holes? You didn’t? Oops…


9. Get savvy. Use your clothes to wrap your breakables and save money on bubble wrap. Note: There is never enough bubble wrap.

Image of bubble wrap with text saying "Think you've got great willpower? Try not popping a brand new roll of bubble wrap"


10. Kettle, tea, mugs, milk. If you know the location of nothing else on move day, make sure you keep these essentials close to hand.


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