Fixed Term Energy Plan

Business energy plans are a bit like mortgages. Although market prices go up and down, we put together price plans that allow you to fix a certain rate for a certain amount of time. In general, the longer you fix, the higher the price.  But this lets you budget so you know what your prices are for however long you agree the plan.

But there are other things you should be aware of too, like what the basic standing charge is (no matter how much energy you use), what happens when your contract ends, and what to do if you want to end it early.


Variable Price Plan

Our Variable Price Plan currently takes effect once your Fixed Term Energy Plan ends and if you haven’t agreed another plan with us. With our Variable Price Plan you're not tied in and your prices won’t be fixed, but we'll let you know at least 30 days before they change. You can go back onto a Fixed Term Energy Plan at any time and if you decide to switch supplier, you just need to give us 30 days' written notice and pay any outstanding bills.


Out of Contract

Our Out of Contract rates now apply only in exceptional circumstances. If you choose to not agree a new Fixed Term Energy Plan with us when your current plan expires, you’ll now automatically move to our Variable Price Plan instead of our Out of Contract rates. Our Out of Contract rates are usually more expensive than our Fixed Term Energy Plan or our Variable Price Plan so we’ll notify you of the reasons we have moved you to these rates and provide you with suitable options.

Out of Contract rate schedule - electricity

Out of Contract rate schedule - gas



Our Deemed rates apply when you become responsible for a property where we’re the existing supplier and you haven’t agreed a Fixed Term Energy Plan with us.

When this happens, you’ll automatically be placed on our Deemed rates. These rates are typically more expensive than our other rates and we’ll contact you with options to move to one of our other Price Plans or an alternative that is suitable for your business. If you are currently being charged Deemed rates, please contact us to discuss a suitable alternative.

Business electricity - deemed rates (pdf, 647kb)

Business gas  - deemed rates (pdf, 1mb)


Want to know more?

You’ll find more useful information in our Energy Made Simple guide to contracts and billing.


More information about our plans and pricing

Business gas

Save up to £600* when you switch your business gas online.

Business electricity

We’ll beat your renewal letter price by

*Only applicable to new British Gas Business customers. £600 saving is British Gas Business online 1 year fixed price energy plan prices versus British Gas Business non-fixed price energy plan. Savings illustrated are based on an Eastern region customer using a gas consumption of 80,000kWh.

**Offer only applies to new customers on a one year contract with an annual gas consumption of less than 73,200KWh and less than 60,000KWh annual electricity consumption. We will price match both the unit rate(s) and standing charge if the annual bill value of the competitor quote is cheaper than our price bill value. We will price match a competitor’s live quotation that is up to 5 days either side of the sale date. You will need to provide reasonable proof of live quotation, British Gas retains sole discretion as to what constitutes reasonable proof but examples include a URL of a quotation obtained online or a letter quotation from a competitor’s sales department. The quotation provided should be like for like with the same start date, duration, consumption and meter type. The gas or electricity meter used to generate the contract price must be the same as that used by the competitor. Gas meters have a unique meter point reference (MPR) and electricity meters have a unique meter point administration number (MPAN), if the meter number does not match then the competitor quotation will be invalid. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer due to customers credit scores or other measures of credit worthiness. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


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