Business: The Fox Hotel

Business type: Pub and B&B

Owner name: Jane Parnell

Time with us: Two years

Contract type: 1 year fixed term


Jane Parnell runs the Fox Hotel, a pub and six-bedroom B&B set in a 16th Century coaching inn, in the heart of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. With a mix of regular local customers and tourists exploring the nearby Cotswolds, Jane is busy round the clock cooking traditional English food and ensuring guests have a comfortable stay.

The Fox Hotel

“When we arrived at the Fox Hotel, we scoured the market for the best business energy deal and asked around. British Gas Business had competitive business electricity prices and a good reputation but what really swung it was they were upfront about the charges for the length of our contract. Something we’d found out to our cost with a previous supplier.”

"British Gas Business was upfront and honest about the contract and charges. We work to the same ethos so it seemed a perfect partnership."

“They were also willing to let us sign a one year contract so we could re-evaluate after a year. But we’ve been happy to stay; we found they more than matched their service promise. Now if people ask me about choosing a business electricity supplier, I always recommend British Gas Business. They’re ultimately professional. When my current gas contract is up I will be switching that to British Gas Business too.”

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“Ours is practically a 24-hour business and the electricity is used for heating, cooking and lighting, everything really. So it has got to be a reliable and good value service. I need to know a guest will get that hot shower in the morning.”

“The good thing about British Gas Business is if you have a problem you don’t have the stress of knowing you have to call during office hours. If you leave a message they’ll always get straight back to you.”

“British Gas Business is really helpful if you’re starting off in a new business.”

“And if they don’t know the answer to a question, they don’t fob you off. They go away, find out and get back to you – it’s quite unique in this day and age. British Gas Business has also been really good at giving us ideas to help save energy. Our building is old so you have to be really careful of how much energy you are using.”

“The tips sound really small and simple, such as colour coding light switches, but it has made a real difference.”

“When savings could equate to a week’s wages or 100 pints of beer you have to sit up and take notice.”

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