What is a smart meter?
Why are smart meters being installed?
Why do I need a smart meter?
How can I upgrade my business electricity meter to a smart meter?
Do I need to pay for an upgrade to a smart meter?
Why can’t I upgrade my business gas meter?
What do you mean when you say a smart meter upgrade is subject to survey?
Do I need a strong mobile phone signal in the property?
How long does it take to install a smart meter?
Where will my smart meter be fitted?
What if I don’t want my energy data being used?
How secure is my energy data?
What happens when you install my smart meter?
I’ve booked an appointment to have a smart meter installed. What do I need to do before the installation?
I had a smart meter installation booked but no one turned up. What do I do?


After your smart meter installation

When will I receive my first bill?
I’ve got a smart meter installed but received an estimated bill. Why is this?
I’ve got a smart meter with British Gas what if I change supplier?
Why is my new smart meter set to zero?
How do I read my new smart meter?
Where can I get more energy saving advice?


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