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We know this is a worrying time for everyone as household energy bills are set to increase.

If you’re on a variable rate tariff, the price you pay will change with each energy price cap review. You can avoid this uncertainty by switching to a fixed tariff. Log in to your online account to see our current offers. There’s no need to call, our agents have exactly the same tariffs that you can see online.

And if you’re struggling to pay please do get in touch so we can help.

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Get the most out of a new bathroom with a new boiler. New bathroom? Get a new boiler – with up to £300 off

The perfect finishing touch for your home makeover, buy your new boiler now with £0 deposit and £200 off. And if you’re already a customer, we’ll give you an extra £100 discount.

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Show your boiler some love. A boiler service: the new summer essential

Get your boiler ready for when you really need it with a full service for just £49 (normally £90). Then kick back and relax knowing there’ll be no surprises when the cold weather hits. Offer ends 31st August.

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The latest with British Gas

Hive thermostat Save up to £202 a year with the Hive Thermostat Mini

It’s smaller, sleeker, and even cheaper than the original Hive Thermostat. Never leave the heating on when you’re out again and set energy-saving schedules that work around you.

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Home services Expensive repairs? Not on our watch

Get HomeCare cover and we’ll protect you from those budget-busting repair bills. From broken boilers, to blocked sinks – whatever happens, we’ll be there to fix it.

No hidden fees. No hassle. Just total peace of mind.

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Direct Debit Keep up-to-date with your Direct Debit payments

Ofgem recently conducted a review of how energy companies manage their customers' Direct Debits.  We’re pleased that they confirmed British Gas has the right processes in place to support customers in paying the correct amounts.

Why has my Direct Debit increased?

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Air source heat pumps. What if you could heat your home with thin air?

Wouldn’t that be awesome? Yes. Yes, it would. And that’s why we’re so excited about air source heat pumps.

They take heat from the air outside and (with the help of a little electricity) use it to keep your home toasty. Sounds like magic, but it’s just clever science and engineering.

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Reduce your energy usage

Just changing how you use your electric appliances could help reduce your energy bills.

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Ingenious ways to keep your home cool

Don’t swelter your way through summer. Stay chilled with our top tips to stop your home getting too hot – no air-con necessary.

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Which EV is right for me?

If you’re interested in the benefits of switching to an electric vehicle (EV) but you’re confused by the options available, we’re here to help.

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Save energy with these smart home ideas

Here’s how to start saving with a smart home…

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Five ways to fix your boiler, fast

If your boiler’s stopped working, don’t worry – you may be able to fix it yourself. Try our safe and simple solutions to get it back up and running without calling an engineer.


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British Gas Rewards. Here to hype up the holidays

Rewards is jam-packed with great offers and top discounts just for you. It’s our way of saying thanks for being with British Gas.

Sign up now to check out all the treats and offers that are waiting for you – and start snapping them up.

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