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Feel the
power (shower)

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Three teams in partnership represented by their logos: Team GB, British Gas and ParalympicsGB
This is a playful and bold image of Tom Daly, the famous Olympic diver in Team GB. He's posing against a bright blue background, arms outstretched, as if he's about to plunge off a diving board. But there's something surprising about the image. He might look like he's about to dive - and he's dressed only in his skimpy diving trunks too - but on each arm is something unexpected. A towel on one side, and a bath sponge on the other. The headline makes sense of it all. “Feel the power” and in brackets “shower”. Like millions of us every day, Tom's about to enjoy a nice warm shower thanks to energy supplied by British Gas!

Why choose us?

We power over 8 million homes and businesses in Britain.

That's more than anyone else.

We're helping the UK hit zero carbon emissions by 2050.

And aiming to get 40% of the way there by 2034.

We launched a £100m support fund to help customers who need it most.

With over 21,000 customers helped so far.

We've been around for over 200 years and we aren't going anywhere.

So here's to the next 200...

January price cap

If you're on one of our Variable tariffs, your energy prices will be rising from 1st January. We'll be in touch to let you know your rates and your new estimated annual energy costs.

Only these rates are changing, so check our fixed tariffs and be protected against price rises. And, if we bring out an even better tariff later – you can swap for free.

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And we're on a mission to create a greener future too

Around 40% of the UK's carbon emissions come from our homes - and we want to change that for good. Whatever your budget, we've got lots of ways to cut your home's carbon footprint. From simple swaps to the latest future-ready tech.

Go greener with us

So join us and start your journey to net zero