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If you are living with certain health difficulties, access needs, disability, or find yourself living in challenging circumstances, our Priority Services Register may be able to help you. For example, we can provide you with your bill in Braille or help you with meter reads.

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Who can sign up for the Priority Services Register?

You can register if you:

  • Are over 65
  • Have a disability or long-term illness
  • Rely on medical equipment in your home
  • Families with children aged 5 and under (less than 6 years old)
  • Have gone through a recent bereavement, break-up or job loss
  • Are recovering from a hospital treatment
  • Are living independently for the first time

Services we offer

Notice of planned power cuts

We'll share your data with your network operator, who will get in touch if your electricity supply is going to be interrupted. This is important if you rely on medical equipment like a ventilator or a dialysis machine. Please see here for more information on power cuts.

Braille and audio letters

If you’re an energy or home services customer, we can provide your bills, statements and letters in Braille or large print format, or even on a CD for you to listen to.

Free gas safety checks

You may be eligible for a free annual Gas Safety Check. An engineer can come to your home to visually check the safety of your gas appliances and other fittings. 

We don’t offer this service if you rent, your landlord is responsible for organising the gas safety check. 

Providing you have your gas supply with us, and if you or someone in your household are:

  • Of pensionable age
  • Disabled
  • Chronically sick
  • On means tested benefits
  • Live with children under the age of 5


Help reading your meter

If you’re unable to read your meter, and your family or friends are unable to help, we can send someone to take quarterly meter readings for you. If you’re nervous about letting a stranger in, you can ask us to use a password, so you know it’s us.

You can also speak to us about fitting a smart meter – with a smart meter, readings are sent automatically, so you don’t have to submit them.

If you have a conventional meter, you can submit meter reading online. Alternatively you can call the automated line on 0333 202 9802.

Free meter relocation

If you need to switch your gas supply off in an emergency and can’t reach the safety valve on your gas meter, we may be able to move your meter for you.

If you find it difficult to top up your Pay As You Go meter, we can also fit a smart meter, which allows you to top-up on our website or on our app.

Join our Priority Services Register

To register for our Priority Services Register, just follow the link below.

If you’d rather speak us, please call the relevant number below:

  • If you’re a credit customer (for example you pay by Direct Debit or on receipt of your bill), please call 0800 0728 625, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm & Saturday 9am to 2pm
  • If you’re a Pay As You Go customer (and you top up your meter), please call 0800 294 8604, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
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Video interpreters for British Sign Language users

We have partnered with SignVideo to offer a Video Relay service for BSL users. The service is free to use and is available Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm.

Connect to a SignVideo interpreter

Help with managing your British Gas account

Nominating someone to manage your account

If you’d like a trusted person to help manage your British Gas account, for example you’d like them to book appointments, submit meter reads or top-up your account, you can nominate them to speak to us on your behalf. Just call us on the number above and we’ll sort this for you.

Granting someone with Power of Attorney

If you need to let a trusted person act on your behalf, for example you want them to take full responsibility of your account, if you’re no longer able to, you’ll need to apply for a power of attorney on the Government webpage

Once you have registered your Power of Attorney, please let us know by emailing thirdpartysupport@britishgas.co.uk, with copies of your documentation or the code that you received from the Office of the Public Guardian, and we will be able to update our records to enable the holder to access and deal with your account.

Is a Pay As You Go meter still right for you?

Pay-as-you-go may not work for everyone, and it’s important to consider your needs. It might not be the best option if you rely on medical equipment that requires a continuous electricity supply or have difficulty accessing or topping up your meter.

With Smart Pay As You Go, you can top up online or on the app without going to a store.

If you’re struggling to top up your meter or you are struggling to pay your outstanding debt, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Also, if you have health difficulties, access needs, disabilities, or find yourself living in challenging circumstances, our Priority Services Register may be able to help you. They can provide your bill in Braille or assist you with meter reads.

Other ways we can help

Warm Home Discount

You may be eligible for a yearly £150 discount on your electricity bills.

Find out more about our Warm Home Discount

Help with your bills

If you need help paying your energy bills on time, there are several ways we can help you. We can arrange an affordable repayment plan or move you to a different method of payment.

Find out more

Energy-saving tips

We can help you figure out ways to cut down on your energy use (and lower your bills too).

Save energy

Further information

Protecting you against scammers

The National Trading Standards is there to help keep you safe from scams and fraud – they have a dedicated initiative called Friends Against Scams, check out there website for further information.

Support for unpaid carers

Carers UK make sure carers like you are recognised, supported and valued. If you’re a carer and need advice visit the Carers UK website

Help with your bills

If you struggling to pay your bills, you can get free, independent advice from a number of different organisations:

  • StepChange offer free debt advice and solutions to help you manage your debt repayment
  • Agility Eco offer energy-efficiency advice
  • British Gas Energy Trust can provide specialist money advice and grants if you’re finding it hard to pay your bills
  • The Government offers a wide range of financial benefits to support you, from pension credits to schemes if you’re on low income or who have a long-term illness.

Am I getting all the benefits I'm entitled too?

We want to make sure you have all the financial benefits support available - our friends at Turn 2 Us have a great tool that will tell you what you are entitled to. You can also use British Gas Energy Trust’s bounce back checklist to make sure you’re on track.

Help if you’re living with dementia

If you’re looking after someone with dementia or are living with the condition yourself, you can find help and support on the Dementia Friends website.

Charities we work with and support

If you’d like to know more about the charities we support, just follow the links below:

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We may not be able to provide the help or support you’re looking for, so we’ve have put together a list of websites that might offer the help you need:


Want to let your water supplier know you need extra support?

You may be eligible for your water supplier’s own Priority Services Register. Use our helpful tool to find your water supplier.

Need extra help using our website?

We’ve launched a useful tool on our website called Recite Me. It’s an accessibility toolbar that allows people with accessibility needs to get the most out of our website – just go to the top of our homepage and click Accessibility tools.