Free electricity

Every Saturday or Sunday from 9am–5pm with one of our new smart meter FreeTime tariffs[1]

Get free electricity with HomeEnergy FreeTime

Get free electricity with our new British Gas smart meters FreeTime tariffs.

With one of our new Dual Fuel FreeTime tariffs you’ll get free electricity every Saturday or Sunday from 9am-5pm, depending on the tariff you choose. You could do the washing, catch up on box sets, or mow the lawn - all for FREE.

To get this tariff you'll need to agree to manage your account online and you’ll need British Gas smart meters. We can install these for you free of charge. Unfortunately not all homes are currently eligible for smart meters. We'll complete some checks for smart meter eligibility when you sign-up but in some cases we may not be able to tell you this until our engineer has been to your home.

Terms and conditions and standing charges apply [1]

Our FreeTime tariffs

  • Free electricity between 9am and 5pm on either Saturday or Sunday until March 2018[1]
  • Fixed tariff so if our prices rise, yours will stay the same
  • £15 Dual Fuel discount[2]
  • British Gas installed smart meters at no extra charge [3]
  • Use our online interactive tool to see how much you're saving
  • £20 exit fees per fuel if you leave us before the tariff ends
Terms and conditions and standing charges apply [1]

Why choose one of our FreeTime tariffs?

  • British Gas customers saved an average of £60.[4]
  • No more estimated bills as your smart meters will send meter readings straight to us.
  • Smart meters professionally installed at no extra cost.
  • Stay in control with a smart energy monitor and online account management.

Three steps to get free electricity

Step 1

Get a quote and check if you’re eligible.

Step 2

Choose your FreeTime tariff and if you don’t already have smart meters, book your smart meter installation.

Step 3

Get your smart meters installed by a Smart Energy Expert.

Benefits of having smart meters

Smart meters take accurate meter readings of your energy use every half hour, daily or once a month. It’s up to you.

Readings are sent to us with wireless technology, like your mobile phone.

You'll get an accurate energy bill without having to send us meter readings.

You can see how much you use on your smart energy monitor and in more detail online with our interactive tool.

Check if you’re eligible and get a quote


Our interactive online tool gives you a detailed look at your energy use.

You'll be able to:

  • Track your energy use by day, week, month and year.
  • See how you’re doing compared to homes around you.
  • Get personalised tips on how to save energy and money.
  • See how much you’re likely to spend on energy for things, like cooking the Sunday roast.

And, the more you tell us about your home, the more specific tips and advice you’ll get.

We're here to help

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is the electricity really free?

A: Yes, the unit rate is 0 p/ kWh during the free electricity period. The daily standing charge of 26.01p will still apply.

Q. Will you charge me a more expensive rate at other times?

A: No, the unit rate at non-free times is fixed to our standard variable rates at the point you sign-up for the tariff. We are simply reducing the unit rate between 9am and 5pm on Saturday or Sunday (depending on the tariff you choose) to 0p.

Q. Will my free electricity start as soon as my smart meters are installed?

A: It can take up to 24 hours for our FreeTime tariff to reach your smart meters. Therefore your new tariff may not update until the following day. You can check if your free period is active by looking at your smart energy monitor and checking whether your electricity tariff unit price is showing zero when you are consuming electricity.

Q. Do I have to manage my account online?

A: Yes - This is required as your online account gives you access to our interactive online tool, where you can see what you're saving through FreeTime. Your online account will be setup during the sign up process for FreeTime.

Q. What if I want to cancel my FreeTime tariff?

A: There are exit fees of £20 per fuel if you choose to change to another energy supplier. However, if you choose another British Gas tariff or if you cancel during your cool off period you will not pay these. Also, if we cannot successfully install smart meters in your home we will not charge you any exit fees.

Q. What happens if I join British Gas for FreeTime but later find out I’m not eligible for smart meters?

A: We do everything we can to check your property is eligible for smart meters as part of the sign-up process. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out if your property is not eligible for smart meters but in some cases this will not be until the engineer visits your home. If you are a new customer, you’ll be able to pick any of our other energy tariffs. If we haven’t heard from you within 30 days, you will be placed onto our Standard Variable tariff. If you are an existing customer, you will remain on your current tariff (unless it has ended, in which case you will be placed onto our Standard Variable tariff). In both cases, you can also be added to our waiting list so that when your property does become eligible we can contact you to arrange the upgrade to smart meters.

Q. Can I have HomeEnergy FreeTime if I have a Pay As You Go meter?

A: We can’t currently offer our HomeEnergy FreeTime tariffs on Pay As You Go or Smart Pay As You Go. However to see if you can get a Smart Pay As You Go meter and start topping up online go to

Q. How can I maximise my savings on my FreeTime tariff?

A: Start moving household activities to your free period. Do all your washing and tumble drying, do the vacuuming, run the dishwasher, maybe even reward yourself with an extra long shower, and then catch up on all your favourite TV shows! So long as it runs on electricity it will be free between 9am and 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays depending on the tariff you choose (excluding standing charge).

Q. How much will I actually save with the HomeEnergy FreeTime tariffs?

A: How much you save is up to you – and will depend on the electricity you use.  In our 2014 trial of 1,184 customers, 13% saved over £100 a year while the average customer saved £60 when compared to our Standard rate tariff. The average £60 saving during the trial equates to an 11% saving on annual consumption, which we use to calculate your Personal Projection.

[1] Terms and conditions apply. See HomeEnergy FreeTime (Sat) Mar 2018 and HomeEnergy FreeTime (Sun) Mar 2018. These tariffs include a free electricity period which applies from 9am to 5pm every Saturday or Sunday depending on the tariff you choose. During this period the unit rate for electricity will be 0p/kWh. A daily standing charge will apply including on the day with the free period. The free period will not start until British Gas smart meters have been successfully installed.

[2] Where you have both gas and electricity with us at the same property, you’ll receive one Dual Fuel discount of £15 per year (including VAT). The discount will be continuously applied to your bill throughout your billing period if you use a credit meter or applied to your meter at least once a year if you use a prepayment meter. If you cancel this agreement (for example by switching to another energy supplier), you will receive a Dual Fuel discount for the number of days you have been with us during that one year period.  

[3] British Gas smart meters for both gas and electricity are required for this tariff. No extra charge for those who are eligible and don’t already have them. If you do not have British Gas smart meters, you must book a smart meter installation appointment and you will only start to benefit from free electricity once the British Gas smart meters have been successfully installed.

[4] Average savings based on 1,184 customers on a 'Time of Use' tariff compared to our standard rate tariff in a 2014 trial.