Dual fuel

Why getting gas and electric from one supplier could work out better for you

Dual fuel is more convenient and often cheaper

Cut the hassle of passwords and paperwork in half by switching from two separate energy providers to one. Dealing with one energy company means you’ll only have one bill, one place to send your meter readings, and one password to remember for your online account.

Getting your gas and electricity from a single energy company will usually mean a more competitive price when you choose a dual fuel tariff. It’s not 100% guaranteed, so, we’ll help you work out how to find the cheapest deal.

What dual fuel could mean for you

Try our dual fuel calculator to see how switching to a dual fuel tariff could save you money on your energy bills. Just put in how much gas and electricity you currently use (see your last bill) and the calculator will show you how much you’d pay if you switched to a dual fuel supplier.

Diagram showing the best way to find a the cheapest dual fuel supplier

Finding the cheapest dual fuel supplier

There are more than 50 energy companies providing dual fuel tariffs in the UK. If you find a better deal, changing energy provider is easier than you might think.

Less Hassle

To find the best dual fuel supplier for you, start by looking at your recent bills from your current provider. There, you’ll be able to see how much gas and electricity you’ve recently used and the names of the tariffs you’re currently on. Then, you can start making market comparisons with the latest dual fuel tariffs. As with all comparisons, remember to check you’re comparing like with like, such as fixed tariff with fixed tariff, online account with online account, and Direct Debit payment with Direct Debit payment.  

Ready to shop for a dual fuel tariff?