Who is my gas and electric supplier?

Find out who supplies your energy in a few quick steps with our handy guide.

Why you’ll need to find who your energy supplier is

There are all kinds of instances where you’ll need to find out who supplies your energy. For most people it’s because they’re moving into a new home – but there are plenty of other reasons too.

In house shares, it’s often left to one tenant to look after the bills. When they leave, someone else will have to take charge and they’ll need to find out what’s what.

That can be true for couples going their separate way too – one person may have been responsible for the bills but if they move out, the other may have no idea who supplies their energy.

Also, if you’re a landlord moving back into a property after it’s been rented to tenants, you’ll need some help to take control of the bills again.

If any of this rings true and you’ve been asking yourself who your energy supplier is, this guide is here to help.

How do I find out my current energy supplier?

To find your energy supplier the first place to look is on an old energy bill – but that might not always be easy. Particularly since energy companies like us are cutting down on paper and taking everything online as we try to become more sustainable.

Who is my gas supplier?

To find out who supplies your gas, head to the Meter Point Administration Service’s online search tool. It will ask you for your address then tell you exactly who your current energy supplier for gas is. Or, you can call the meter number helpline on 0870 608 1524. If you tell them your postcode and the first line of your address, they'll tell you who your gas supplier is. The helpline costs 7p per minute and is nationwide.

Who is my electricity provider?

To see who supplies your electricity, you first need to find out who your network operator is. You can do that with the Energy Networks Association’s online search tool.

Then contact your network operator directly to find out who your electricity supplier is.

Moved into a new home supplied by British Gas?

If we are your supplier in your new home, we’ll show you how to set up a new energy account.

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How much could I save on my gas and electricity bill?

From flats to family houses, our gas and electricity tariffs have you covered. We supply gas and electricity to more than 7 million homes, so you’re in safe hands

  • We give long term value – if you join us and we launch a cheaper tariff, then you can change to it for free
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  • We also have a special Electric Vehicle tariff, giving you cheaper electricity at night

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Tips to finding the right energy supplier

Switching energy suppliers isn't just about finding the cheapest deal. You need a tariff that's right for your home, your family and your lifestyle. So with plenty of suppliers to choose from, it's important you spend a little time finding out which one could be right for you.

  • Review your current energy deal
  • Understand how much energy you’re using
  • Compare tariffs to find the best energy rates
  • Should you switch to a green tariff?
  • How do you want to pay?
  • Check out our guide for tips to finding the right energy supplier for you.
How to compare energy tariffs and suppliers

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If we’re not the supplier in your home we’d love to be. Changing your energy supplier is easy.

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What’s the difference between energy suppliers and energy distributors?

We get asked this question a lot. Here’s the answer:

An energy distributor is the company responsible for transporting your gas or electricity to your home. They run the networks that all energy travels through. You can’t change your energy distributor.

Your energy supplier is the company you pay for your energy – like us! A small percentage of the fee you pay them goes back to the distributor so they can maintain the network.

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