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Safeguard PAYG

  • Available to Pay As You Go customers
  • No exit fees

Energy Plus Protection Sept 2019

  • Fixed price tariff until 30th September 2019
  • Manage your account totally online 
  • Includes Boiler & controls breakdown cover, Plumbing & drains cover and Home electrical cover 
  • Exit fee of £30 per fuel
  • For more information click here

HomeEnergy Secure Feb 2020

  • Fixed price energy until 29th February 2020
  • Control everything with an online account
  • Exit fee of £40 per fuel
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Important information for customers on our Standard tariff

Credit Customers: From 1st October, our Standard and Safeguard tariff prices will be increasing.

Pay as you go customers: From 1st October, our prices are changing for Pay as you go customers on our Standard and Safeguard PAYG tariffs.

Find out more about the changes here

Energy Plus Protection Sept 2019

Our new tariff includes Boiler & Controls Breakdown cover, Plumbing & Drains cover and Home Electrical cover giving you security and peace of mind at no additional cost in case anything goes wrong.

Boiler & Controls Breakdown cover (worth £36 a year) will cover repairs to your gas boiler and controls, including your thermostat and programmer with an excess of £99 for each repair. We will also replace your boiler, if it’s less than seven years old, if we can’t repair it.

Plumbing & Drains cover (worth £42 a year) looks after your plumbing, drains and water supply pipe with an excess of £60 for each repair.

Home Electrical cover (worth £30 a year) with repairs to electrical wiring, fuse boards and electrical fittings in your home and outbuildings. With an excess of £60 for each repair.

By also signing up to this tariff, you will get unlimited call outs every year, day or night, which includes parts and labour (limits apply, your call out history is taken into account at renewal).

There are some things that aren’t included in this cover, they are:

  • Repairs to central heating system, including radiators
  • Annual Service Visit (or Gas Safety Certificate CP12)
  • Removing sludge or scale or repairing the damage it causes if we tell you it might be a problem for your boiler
  • Showers and taps
  • Shared drains
  • Electrical appliances, cooker hoods or extractor fans over 15cm diameter 

You can’t have this tariff and protection if you already have British Gas Home Services (including HomeCare, Plumbing & Drains cover, Gas Appliance cover and Kitchen Appliance cover).

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Direct Debit Discount

  • Get a discounted rate when you pay by Direct Debit, bringing the cost of your energy down.

Manage your account anytime, anywhere

  • Download our easy to use App to submit meter readings, pay bills and track your energy usage.

How to switch

It takes roughly two and a half weeks to switch to us from another supplier

Step 1

Get a quote, choose your tariff and apply online.

Step 2

We'll talk to your current supplier.

Step 3

We'll tell you when the switch has happened.

Step 4

You'll need to send us your first meter readings.

If you are running a business, please visit our British Gas business website

Offers for our energy customers

Once you're an energy customer you can get special discounts on some of our other products and services. As a little thank you for joining us.

Home Insurance

See our Home Insurance offers.

Landlords Insurance

See our Landlord Insurance offers.

Other ways we can help

New connections

We can install gas and electricity infrastructure, energy meters and more.

Gas safety

Protecting you and your family against carbon monoxide is our top priority.

Priority Service Register

We can provide additional services to customers who may need extra support.

Accurate billing

Read our code of practice for giving accurate bills to our energy customers.

Smart meters

Smart meters are gas and electricity meters that allow you to view your energy use in pounds and pence as you use it

Frequently asked questions

What is a kilowatt hour (kWh)?

A kWh stands for kilowatt hour – the unit used to measure energy use. 1 kWh will power a 40 watt light bulb for 25 hours.

What is a Personal Projection?
Your Personal Projection is an estimate of what you’re likely to pay over the next 12 months. We work it out using the unit rate for where you live, daily standing charge, any applicable discounts and how much energy we think you’ll use in the next 12 months. It includes VAT.
What happens if I change the way I pay?

If you move from Direct Debit to pay by Cash or Cheque, your unit rate will increase. You can see the difference between Direct Debit and Cash or Cheque rates by updating your personalised quote. We’ll always give you seven days’ notice before we change the way you pay, though. These prices are all correct as of 1st August 2017.

Do I need to tell my current supplier I'm switching?
No - once you've given us your details and confirmed that you want to switch, we'll handle everything for you.
How can I find out about the Energy Switch Guarantee?

Switching energy should be easy and hassle free. That’s why we’ve signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee. Find out more at