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We know this is a worrying time for everyone as household energy bills are set to increase.

If you’re on a variable rate tariff, the price you pay will change with each energy price cap review. You can avoid this uncertainty by switching to a fixed tariff. Log in to your online account to see our current offers. There’s no need to call, our agents have exactly the same tariffs that you can see online.

And if you’re struggling to pay please do get in touch so we can help.

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Tariff types we offer

Fixed tariffs

Fixed price tariffs

Fixed prices for 10+ months

Protection from any price increases

Get peace of mind because you'll pay a fixed price for your unit rates and standing charge for the length of your contract. It means if energy prices go up, the unit rate you pay stays the same, regardless.

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Green tariffs

Fixed prices for 10+ months

Uswitch Green Tariff Gold Standard

We’ll match 100% of the electricity and 10% of the gas you use with renewable sources. We’ll also offset the carbon footprint created from 90% of the gas you use by supporting carbon emission reduction projects. And you’ll be helping to protect up to ten trees in the UK, for each year you’re on a green tariff.

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Energy plus Home Services

Fixed prices for 12+ months

Includes home services

With our energy and home services bundle you’ll pay a fixed price for your unit rates for the length of your contract PLUS Central Heating Breakdown Cover, Plumbing and Drains Cover and Home Electrical Cover. We'll automatically renew your home services bundle after 12 months, but you can choose to cancel.

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Electric vehicle tariffs

Fixed prices for 12+ months

Lowest electricity rates overnight

Get our lowest electricity rates between 12am and 5am - perfect for scheduling your electric vehicle charges to save money. We’ll also install an electricity smart meter, if you haven't got one already, so you can keep an eye on costs.

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We’ll make it go smoothly

We’ll contact your current supplier to arrange everything. It normally takes 3-5 days to switch suppliers.

Your first meter reading

We’ll get in touch to tell you when the switch will happen and ask you your first meter reading.

Our Green Futures tariff has won gold

British Gas is committed to improving the environment for everybody. So we’re delighted that our Green Futures tariff has been awarded the gold standard by Uswitch - one of only three energy suppliers to achieve this accreditation.

Winning gold takes effort and dedication. And to achieve the Uswitch standard, British Gas matches 100% of the electricity you use with renewable sources, such as UK wind and solar power. On top of that, the carbon footprint for 100% of the gas you use is balanced by CO2-cutting projects around the world. We also use renewable biogas from food and farm waste.

With Green Futures, you can be sure you’ve chosen one of the most environment-friendly tariffs available anywhere. Because we work harder to do our bit for the planet, we make it easier for you to do yours.

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Fixed or variable tariffs

Which is better? Here we explain the differences to help you decide.

Fixed vs variable energy tariffs

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Frequently asked questions

What is a kilowatt hour (kWh)?

A kWh stands for kilowatt hour – the unit used to measure energy use. 1 kWh will power a 40 watt light bulb for 25 hours.

What is a Personal Projection?

Your Personal Projection is an estimate of what you’re likely to pay over the next 12 months. We work it out using the unit rate for where you live, daily standing charge, any applicable discounts and how much energy we think you’ll use in the next 12 months. It includes VAT.

What happens if I change the way I pay?

If you move from Direct Debit to pay by Cash or Cheque, your unit rate will increase. You can see the difference between Direct Debit and Cash or Cheque rates by updating your personalised quote. We’ll always give you seven days’ notice before we change the way you pay, though.

Do I need to tell my current supplier I'm switching?

No - once you've given us your details and confirmed that you want to switch, we'll handle everything for you.

How can I find out about the Energy Switch Guarantee?

Switching energy should be easy and hassle free.That’s why we’ve signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee. Find out more at

Fixed vs variable energy tariffs – which is better?

Our guide explains the differences between fixed rate and variable rate energy tariffs to help you make an informed choice.