What is a standing charge?

A standing charge is a fixed amount that is applied to your gas and electricity bill daily. For any tariff with a standing charge you will pay a daily charge and a single unit rate making it easier to understand how much you’re paying.

A standing charge helps cover an energy supplier's fixed costs, for example: enabling a supply of gas/electricity to your home through distribution and metering services, as well as supporting the vulnerable.

What is the cheapest tariff?

We would always advise customers to visit our tariff checker to make sure they are on the best possible deal.

How do I work out how much I’ll be paying?

Our new products now include a standing charge and a single consumption rate; the single consumption rate will be based on the energy you use.The amount you pay will not alter unless you change payment method or tariff.  Please refer to our tariff checker to find out the best deal for you

Please remember – standing charge is applied even if no gas or electricity is used.
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How will being on a standing charge tariff affect my prices?

Your bill will be determined by the standing charge, unit rate and the amount of energy you use.  It is always best to check that you are on the best possible deal.
Please use our tariff checker to check that you are on the right tariff for you.

How much is the standing charge per day?

The standing charge amount may change depending on your payment method or tariff choice.

Please visit tariff rates to find out more.

Can I switch from a two stepped price tariff to a standing charge tariff?

Yes, you can change to a standing charge tariff from a two stepped price tariff. Select the tariff you want to switch to and switch easily online.

Please note, if your current tariff has a cancellation fee you may be charged the amount stated in your tariff terms and conditions for switching.

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