UK households use around £3.4 billion worth of electricity every year just on washing and drying clothing, cleaning the dishes and cooling and freezing food.[1]

If you’re looking for cheap electricity then this guide can help you understand which appliances of yours use the most electricity and where you can make savings.

What are the least expensive to use appliances in my house?

Based on a study of everyday household appliances, microwave ovens, gas ovens and A-rated washing machines are some of the lowest producers of carbon dioxide, averaging 50kg per year or less. They are also the cheapest appliances to run, all costing approximately £12 per year.[2]

What are the most expensive appliances in my house?

At the other end of the scale, the study revealed that the most expensive appliances to run are the fridge freezer, the electric hob and the electric tumble dryer. These all produce between 129kg and 175kg of C02 every year, with average running costs of between £30 and £40 per annum.[2] Try to cut your tumble dryer usage in the summer by drying your clothes outside to reduce your electricity consumption.

How can I choose more energy efficient appliances?

Most of the appliances we use today are vital for everyday living – whether they’re for cleaning our clothes or for keeping our food fresh. Whilst you won’t be able to make do without them, you can still save valuable money on your energy bill by selecting energy efficient models. Most white goods and common kitchen appliances have an energy efficiency rating, with A++ being the most efficient, and G the least efficient.

If you’re unsure about whether purchasing energy efficient white goods is worth the extra expense, make sure you take into account the average sum you could save with an up-to-date model. Whilst a newer A++ rated fridge freezer costs less than £15.80 per year to run, an older G-rated model could cost more than £68.63. Combine these savings across all of your appliances and you could save a substantial amount every year.[1]

How can I monitor how much I spend on energy?

Electricity monitors are a great way of gaining a more comprehensive picture of how much money you spend on energy. EnergySmart™ monitors, let you see exactly how much energy your electricity appliances are using in real time, helping you to manage your budget accordingly and reduce your consumption.