A unique insight into your enegy use. my energy

The benefits

  • Track your energy use by day, week, month and year.
  • See how the energy you use compares to similar homes.
  • View tips and advice to reduce energy costs.
  • See your likely spend on heating, hot water, cooking, lighting and appliances.

"It gives you ideas that you can use to cut down on your bills."

"It makes me feel a lot more secure about what I am spending on energy."

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How do I get my energy?

  1. You have to be a smart meter customer to have access. (What's this?)
  2. Sign up to have your meter readings taken on a half hourly basis. (What's this?)
  3. When can I view my energy usage?. (Why is this?)

Did you know you can choose how often your smart meters sends readings to us? You can let us take readings every half hour or once a day - so we can send you personalised advice on how you're using your energy and where you will be able to make savings. The more frequent the readings, the more detailed the advice we can give you, with the best choice being for meter readings to be recorded for every half hour and sent once a day, every day. The minimum we need is a reading once a month, as this lets us bill you for the energy you've used, but this won't let us give you any personalised advice.

My energy is personalised so you will get more accurate half hourly readings. By understanding how you use energy, you’ll have more control.

Try our interactive new energy tool which provides a personalised guide to your energy use and how much you spend on things like heating, lights, appliances and water.

If you have an online account you can start to view your energy consumption after we have 7 days worth of readings from your smart meters. If you haven't registered for an online account, you will receive a paper version.

We're rolling out smart meters to all our customers between now and 2020, meaning everyone will get one for electricity and one for gas over the next few years.

This is a big energy revolution, and it takes time to upgrade all British homes.

Not every home can be upgraded to smart meters as yet. For example, high rise flats or houses fitted with pre-payment or economy 7 (two rate) meters currently are not eligible for smart upgrades.

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