Looking to save energy this winter?

3rd November 2022

Our tips could help you save some money.

Our top tips can help you save money by making your home more energy-efficient – but without making things any less cosy.

1. Get a smart meter installed

If you haven’t got round to it yet, now’s the time to get your energy meters updated. It won’t cost you a thing to have smart meters installed – and it will give you loads more useful info about the energy you use every day.

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2. Save up to £311 a year with a smart thermostat

Hive’s smart thermostats make it easy to create and change heating schedules on your phone – cutting your energy bills by never heating an empty home. Named a Which? magazine “Best Buy”, the Hive Mini costs just £119 and can save you up to £311 a year.

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3. Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree

One of the simplest energy-saving tricks is turning your heating down a single degree. You might not think such a small amount would make a difference – but according to the Energy Saving Trust, going from 20C to 19C (for example) can save 10% on your heating bill.

Hive Thermostat.

4. Move furniture away from radiators

Blocking radiators with furniture is a big central heating no-no. Something like a bed or a sofa can easily stop the heat from circulating efficiently round the room, wasting energy and money. Leave a gap of a few inches and you’ll notice the difference.

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5. Save up to £840 a year with an energy-efficient new boiler

Got an old boiler? Upgrading to an A-rated new one could really lower your annual heating bill – and with British Gas, you can spread the cost of that new boiler with up to 3 years’ interest-free credit. And if you’ve got good insulation and want to go greener, you could consider a heat pump.

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6. Draught-proof your home

A draught isn’t just annoying – it can also cost you money because it makes the room cool down quicker. The good news is that draughts can usually be sorted out quickly and cheaply using materials from a DIY store.

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7. Invest in smart radiator valves

With smart valves, you can control the temperature of each radiator from your phone. They’re easy to install and let you heat each room just how you like it. And if a room isn’t used very often, you can keep it nice and cool to save money.

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8. Try using the oven less

If you’ve got an air fryer or a microwave, you can save money by using them instead of the oven. For example, according to the BBC cooking a jacket potato in the oven would cost £1.02 – but 26p in an air fryer and just 5p in a microwave!

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9. Get a CombiSave valve fitted

If you have a combi boiler, this simple valve can save you money in the long term. It works by slowing the flow of water until the right temperature is reached – meaning you waste less energy and water.

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10. Learn how to bleed your radiators

Maintaining your central heating system sounds difficult, right? And bleeding your radiators sounds a bit scary? But trust us, it’s very simple to do – and it will help make sure your heating is working as efficiently as possible.

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11. Powerflush your central heating

A Powerflush thoroughly cleans your heating system of sludge, rust and limescale, boosting efficiency by as much as 15% - and saving you £££ in the long run. It can also help prevent breakdowns too.

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12. Get a smarter water tank

The Mixergy tank uses clever tech to only heat the water you actually need. It delivers hot water 5x faster and uses up to 21% less gas than a standard water tank – meaning less waste and lower bills.

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13. Get a home EV charger

If you’re lucky enough to have an EV, get a fast EV charger installed on your driveway. When paired with a special EV overnight or time-of-use tariff, it can help you save money on charging your car.

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Here’s our full list of energy saving tips for your home – including easy things you can do for free, plus energy-saving home improvements.

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