8 ways you could be saving money

  • Cooking the smart way
  • Keeping it cool - how a low temperature wash could cut laundry costs
  • How to get the most from your appliances

With just a little planning, you could turn the appliances and things in your home into real money savers. It’s all about knowing how. Here are just some of the ways you can cut back on your energy use and save money. You’ll also find tons of brilliant energy saving tips here.


Keep a lid on it

When using your saucepans, always put the lid on. That way you’ll use less energy as the heat remains in the pan and your food cooks more quickly.

Saucepan with lid on it


A cooler washing machine means lower costs

With today’s efficient detergents there’s often no need to run your washing machine at high temperatures. Instead, set it to 30°C and not only will you use less energy, you’ll find your washing should have been cleaned just as effectively. Read more on that here.

Washing machine dial at 30 degrees


Full loads make bigger savings

Although many washing machines have a half-load setting, this saves very little energy and works out as much less efficient per garment washed, compared to a full load. A more efficient solution is to do fewer yet bigger washes per week. This also works for your dryer – always pop a full load in instead of doing lots of little ones. And if you throw a couple of tennis balls in too, they’ll create air pockets that help dry things quicker.

Washing machine with full load of washing inside


Clean filters cost you less

Many appliances like extractor fans and driers have filters in them. Check these regularly to make sure they’re not clogged up with grease or fluff. Clean filters help your appliances run more efficiently and use less energy.


Switch off to save

It seems like a small thing, but if you remember to turn things off at the wall, you could save lots of energy that’s wasted on standby and display lights.

Light switch


Get water savvy

Try and avoid running the tap while your brushing your teeth – it’s a really easy way to cut back on your water use. Showers can be the biggest culprits, so it can be a good idea to fit in a shower timer or an energy efficient showerhead.

water tap


Insulate the loft

Insulating your loft is one of the best ways to keep the heat in. It’s estimated that you can lose up to a quarter of your heat through an uninsulated roof. Even if your loft has been insulated, it’s worth checking it’s at the recommended 270mm. 

Insulated loft


Look for the ‘eco’ setting

See that setting marked ‘eco’ on your dishwasher? Nudge the dial round to there so the water heats up more slowly, using less energy. The wash will probably take a bit longer though. The same applies to the ‘eco’ button on your boiler, if you have one. Using it means you don’t get instant hot water – it will run lukewarm for a short while – because it stops the boiler from keeping a small tank of water continually heated.

Dishwasher on the eco setting


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