Energy Saving Apps - Top 5 Energy Apps

You've probably got loads of apps on your smartphone or tablet, but how many save you money or energy? We've found five that will help:

 1. Alert me energy app

Curious about how your energy saving efforts compare to your neighbours? This great app will inspire (or shame) you to save money and energy by showing you your average energy spend and comparing you to other households in the area based on real data from DECC, The Department of Climate Change.

Cost: The app can be downloaded for free on iTunes and is available on Apple devices.

 2. Energy Cost Calculator  

Ever wonder how much it costs to leave the light on all night or your computer on standby? This calculator lets you know. It also calculates your fuel and water costs.

Cost: Download it free on Apple platforms.

 3. Joulebug

This app brings the fun into energy-saving. You’ll discover lots of useful tips, earn trophies as well as save money. And, if you share it with friends and family, it’s a great way to get everyone involved in being a little more eco-friendly.

Cost: Download for both Android and Apple platforms.

 4. Waterprint 


There’s been lots of talk about carbon footprints, but what about your water footprint? Install this app and you can keep track of how much water you use in your home. And when you consider that a big part of your energy bill goes on heating water, it makes sense to know where you can cut back.

Cost: Get the app free for Apple platforms.

 5. Hive Active Heating


With the Hive Active Heating Kit (RRP £199), you can control the heating in your home more carefully using this clever app. Turn the heat up, down or off with just a tap of your fingers wherever you are, and you could save up to £150 a year on your bills. 

Cost: Available for both Android and Apple platforms.



Don’t forget apps may have a downloading charge that might not be included in your minutes.


What are your favourite apps? Let us know by commenting below or @britishgas 

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