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Our Green Future tariff was the greenest home-energy tariff we offered.

Green Future tariff availability

Our Green Future tariff isn’t currently available, but we have a wide range of tariffs to choose from.

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How our Green Future Tariff worked

Create positive change as you power your home with our Green Future energy tariff.

  • We’ll match 100% of the electricity you use with renewable sources, such as UK wind and solar – helping to reduce your home’s carbon footprint
  • 100% of your CO2 footprint from your gas use will be balanced by carbon-cutting projects around the world (90%), and renewable biogas made from food and farm waste (10%)
  • You’ll also protect five trees in the UK per fuel for each year of your green energy tariff, contributing to cleaner air and improving natural habitats

Power your home, protect our planet

We can turn our everyday needs into something that helps the environment and our planet. Here’s how:

100% renewable electricity from the UK

Renewable energy sources

Protect up to 10 trees in the UK each year

UK woodland protection

Supporting green gas: a cleaner way to heat your home

Carbon neutral gas

Making a difference around the world

Our worldwide initiatives

Inspiring change. For just a little extra

Green Future energy tariffs power your home while protecting the environment. For a few pounds extra per month compared to our fixed-rate tariffs, you’ll lend your support to great projects led by people who care and want to create change. And there are other great eco-friendly initiatives on the way, too. Because that’s what Green Future Tariffs are about – working together to make a difference.

Frequently asked questions

What makes this tariff green?

Some tariffs offer additional benefits to the environment on top of any legal obligations the energy supplier may have, this is called 'additionality’. Our Green Future tariff provides additionality. That’s because the 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas that is matched to your use is over and above our existing environmental commitments. We also offset the carbon footprint created from 90% of the gas that you use on this tariff by supporting emission reduction projects in developing countries. Furthermore, we support UK tree-growing projects, this is in addition to offsetting the carbon footprint created by 90% of the gas you use on this tariff.

For more information about our green tariffs, go to

What if I change my mind?

Should you decide it’s not the right tariff for you and you want to cancel your contract, you won’t have to pay an exit fee within 14 days of signing up.

An exit fee may apply if you decide to switch to another supplier before the end date of your fixed tariff, but not during the switching window, which starts 49 days before the tariff ends. If you decide to change to one of our other tariffs at any time, there are no exit fees. Please see terms & conditions for full details including exit fees for each tariff.

Can I manage my account online?

Yes you can. Just access your account and follow the instructions.

To discover the benefit(s) of having an online account, watch this video.