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Protect the Earth's lungs

Trees release oxygen and absorb CO2 as they grow, and a single hectare of tropical forest can absorb up to ten tonnes of CO2 each year. 1 With CO2 making up three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions, 2 it’s easy to see why forests are thought to be like the Earth’s lungs - and why projects that protect our forests are so vital.

Protect vulnerable species

Support projects that not only reduce carbon emissions, but also work towards the protection of local wildlife. Did you know that 80% of the world’s land animals and plants live in forests?  Deforestation threatens many species that rely on forests to thrive.

Create positive change for people

Help local communities through projects that support long-term work and a greener future for generations to come. The Kasigau Corridor project in Kenya, for example, supports more than 116,000 people in local communities and has already provided secondary school scholarships for more than 3,500 children.

Support projects proven to make a positive difference

Through your Green Future tariff, you’ll support amazing carbon-cutting initiatives across the world that are helping to protect our planet for tomorrow

Acre Amazon rainforest protection project, Brazil

The project protects 186,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest, home to 12 vulnerable or endangered species from deforestation. By working with local communities to provide education in sustainable forestry, the project has also created over 400 jobs.

Kasigau Corridor wildlife conservation project, Kenya

As well as protecting over 200,000 hectares of highly threatened Kenyan forest, the project helps conserve a diverse population of wildlife, including Cheetahs, Zebras and over 2,000 African elephants that live there, by providing long-term jobs that replace poaching and illegal deforestation.

Ecomapua Amazon rainforest protection project, Brazil

The project helps the Marajo Island community conserve 86,000 hectares of rainforest from illegal logging each year, by providing income and the ability to grow sustainable acai berries for food and biofuel. Thanks to the project, 10 endemic species are also under protection.

Inspiring change. Sign up to a Greener Future

Choose a Green Future tariff and you’ll also protect five trees per fuel in the UK for every year of your tariff. Through your tariff you’ll reduce your environmental impact even more, supporting a greener, more sustainable future.

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Frequently asked questions

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon off setting helps you reduce your environmental impact by supporting projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This means a quantity of the carbon dioxide emissions you generate as you use energy at home are balanced by supporting projects that work to reduce them.

How do you carbon offset 94% of my gas use?

We make sure the emission-reduction projects you suppor t on a Green Future tariff are proven to make a positive difference. With the help of ClimateCare, we’ll offset your gas carbon footprint for 94% of the gas you use on this tariff by supporting selected emission-cutting projects in developing countries. ClimateCare evidence this by purchasing carbon credits called Verified Emission Reduction Certificates (VERs) from projects verified by the Voluntary Carbon Standard.

What are carbon credits?

Carbon credits support projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Each certificate is equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide and is issued by carbon standards that independently certify emission reduction projects. To be eligible for carbon credits, emission-reduction projects must qualify through a rigorous and public registration and issuance process.

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