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We’re making it easier to go green without the extreme. Here’s how.

All our electricity tariffs are 100% zero carbon as standard

Every single bit of electricity you get from us is zero carbon. That means we don’t use sources, like coal, that produce nasty emissions. In fact, over two-thirds of our electricity comes from renewable sources. So whichever tariff you choose, you’ll be one step closer to carbon-neutral – without lifting a finger.

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Go further with 100% renewable electricity – 1.6m1 already do

When you choose one of our green tariffs, we’ll match 100% of the electricity you use with energy from renewable sources – that’s things like wind and solar power. So you can make a cup of tea or enjoy a movie night in without costing the earth.

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And to help you really earn those green credentials, there’s our Green Future tariff

Upgrade to our greenest tariff and we’ll match 100% of the energy you use with renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas. Plus, you’ll protect up to 10 UK trees every year to help make our nation a greener, cleaner place to be. No gardening gloves needed.

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Elephants in the Kasigau Corridor in Kenya

With Green Future, you’ll support earth-friendly projects across the globe too

Like the Kasigau Corridor in Kenya, which is home to a diverse population of wildlife including cheetahs, zebras and over 2,000 African elephants. By providing long-term jobs to local communities, you’ll help to reduce poaching and illegal deforestation of this critically threatened forest.

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We’re on a mission to make saving energy simple

We can all do more to use less energy around the house – without going to extremes. So before you use that bamboo toothbrush for the millionth time, take a look at our quick and easy tips to save energy every day.

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And we’ll continue to do more for our planet

We’ve got big plans to reach net zero – and to help our customers get there too. So as well as our commitment to renewable energy, we’re also investing in low-carbon technologies – including at-home heat pumps, which use the natural environment to heat your home, and fully electric vans for all our engineers by 2030.

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