What’s sustainability when it’s at home?

40% of our carbon emissions come from our homes.

There are no two ways about it, we’re living in a climate emergency and it’s time for everyone to act. The UK was the first major economy to pass a Net Zero emissions law to be actioned by 2050. In simple terms, Net Zero means achieving a balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere and the carbon removed from it. To achieve that we must rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions – particularly carbon dioxide – while also investing in things like tree planting and peat landscapes to help remove gases from the atmosphere. 

It’s vital that we all work together for a more sustainable future – and yet sometimes it feels like we’re bombarded with too much information. It can seem overwhelming and confusing, but once you take away all the buzzwords and complicated jargon, sustainability can be quite simple. Did you know that 40% of our carbon emissions come from our homes? That means a great place to start is by making our homes greener.

At British Gas we’ve got loads of everyday solutions to help you do just that. Energy-saving smart gadgets. Home chargers for electric cars. Energy-efficient boilers. Zero-carbon fixed electricity tariffs. They’re just some of the simple changes we can help you make.

Turning down the temperature can also make a difference.

How we’re doing our bit at British Gas

Everyone needs to take responsibility for reaching Net Zero – and as the largest supplier of gas and electricity to UK homes, we know our responsibility is quite a bit bigger than most.

That’s why we’re aiming to beat the deadline within our own organisation by achieving Net Zero in 2045. And we’re also investing in new technologies and innovations that will help millions of our customers get to Net Zero by 2050.

To explain exactly how we’ll manage that, we’ve just published our 2021 Climate Transition Plan. The report details all the actions we’ll take in order to make our Net Zero ambitions a reality.

You can download the whole report for yourself, but here’s a quick overview of some of the ways we’re planning to help customers across the UK speed up their own journeys to Net Zero.

Charge your electric vehicle at home.

We’re helping customers to save energy

A big part of going greener is being more efficient with the energy we use every day. From the latest boilers to smart tech from Hive, we’ve got all sorts of clever ways to help you do more with less energy. That means lower carbon emissions – and lower bills too.

And we’re helping customers to use greener energy

Fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas are responsible for a lot of the world’s carbon emissions. So we’re helping the UK switch to cleaner, greener alternatives. We’ve made a great start already, but we’ve got plans to go much further in the years ahead.

  • We’re helping customers go electric by installing EV chargers on their driveways – and the Hive app makes it simple to charge overnight when electricity is cheaper and greener too
  • We’re also rolling out air source heat pumps, which will play a key role in reducing carbon emissions from heating Britain’s homes.

How to start your journey to Net Zero today

If you want to do your bit and make your home greener, we’re with you every step of the way. From the little things like energy-saving tips and free smart meters, to bigger things like heat pumps that use a little electricity to extract the heat from air – we’re here to help.

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