13 ways to help slay your home’s energy-sucking vampires

  • Which household appliances use the most electricity?
  • Top tips to reduce the amount of energy they suck up


Is there a vampire at large in your home taking a bite out of your bank balance? Some energy-thirsty appliances could be sucking more of your household energy than you think, even in standby mode.

Ready to maim the monsters? Step away from the garlic and instead follow these 13 tricks to slay your energy vampires. There’s a lot at stake, after all…



Average annual running cost: £9.07

Kill a watt or two by switching off at the wall when not in use, so it doesn’t suck energy simply to display the clock.


Electric tumble dryer

Average annual running cost: £37.00

Let them hang and use an outside line to dry clothes whenever the weather allows.


Fridge freezer

Average annual running cost: £40.80  

Avoid financial frostbite and consider investing in a new energy efficient model if your fridge is more than 10 years old.

illustration of vampire looking in the fridge



Average annual running cost: £16.90

Don’t drown in tea - only boil the amount of water you need.



Average annual running cost: Gas £7.60 / Electric £21.08

Don’t turn your oven on to pre-heat too early – 10-15 minutes is usually enough time for it to reach the temperature you need.


Standard lightbulb

Average annual running cost: £14.60

Claw back money easily by swapping all bulbs for an energy efficient brand, such as the Hive Active Light LED bulbs.

illustration of monster hand grabbing a lightbulb


Average annual running cost: Gas £14.12 / Electric £30.10

Lock in the heat by always putting a lid on your pans.


Dishwasher at 65°C

Average annual running cost: £19.44

Use the eco mode to heat the water more efficiently at lower temperatures.


Washing machine

Average annual running cost: £11.78

Reduce energy-sucking spectres by waiting until you have a full load before turning on the washing machine.

Illustration of a ghost in a washing machine


Plasma TV 34-37 inch

Average annual running cost: £62.61

If your TV has an ambient light sensor, use it to automatically adjust the settings to help save energy.


Digital TV box / recorder

Average annual running cost: £4.18

These devices need to be constantly switched on to work, but you can box clever and check energy efficiency when buying a new system.


Vacuum cleaner

Average annual running cost: £19.47

These once power-hungry beasts have evolved – consider investing in an energy efficient bagless machine.


Appliances on standby

Average annual running cost: 10% of a typical home's electricity bill

Exorcise standby suckers by unplugging any gadgets or appliances that you rarely use. Hive Smart Plugs allow you to switch devices off remotely.



Get better visibility of your energy use with a smart meter to really help keep the energy suckers at bay.


*Published October 2016, all facts and figures correct at the time of publishing

Sources for average annual running costs:





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