The kitchen is where we come together; to cook, to eat, to connect - it’s the heart of the home. We approached people in 17 countries and asked them to photograph where they cook and eat. Here’s how they responded.


The Heart of the Home is brought to you by British Gas.

We would like to thank the following contributors for letting us into their homes;

  • Agustín Melfi - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Robert Bailey - Hangzhou, China
  • Immo Eifler -Hamburg, Germany
  • Mohammad Rassa - Karachi, Pakistan
  • Irina (Renee) Kulikova - Siberia, Russia
  • Marija Nikolic - Belgrade, Serbia
  • Serafin Navidad Jr. - Philippines
  • Kim Curran – Surbiton, UK
  • Jennifer Greeley - Texas, USA.
  • Yamikani Katunga - Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Jodie Chapman - Brisbane, Australia
  • Forsca - Molise, Italy
  • Julia Dimitrova - Sliven, Bulgaria
  • Elise Vermeeren Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Pankit - Gujarat, India
  • Nedaa Abu Saif - Amman, Jordan
  • Age Ditlefsen - Trondheim, Norway


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