Who is Centrica Business Solutions?

Helping organisations to balance the demands of profit and planet, through low carbon, integrated energy solutions.

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Key figures

Global presence

  • Working across 34 countries we have a strong global presence, supporting customers internationally

7000+ customer sites

  • 7000+ customer sites around the world with a strong foothold in the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America.

Growing UK net zero network

  • 900 MW portfolio of solar and battery storage assets being built

About Centrica Business Solutions

Centrica Business Solutions partners with organisations around the world, to analyse, finance, install, operate and optimise energy, working across every energy source to deliver cost efficiency, resilience and sustainability.

New and emerging energy technologies

Implementing several different energy technologies can be complicated. We’ll help you to realise the best pathway for your organisation. We'll look for ways to reduce risk and futureproof your approach against technological developments. Most importantly, we'll empower you with the flexibility, visibility and control you’ll need to become a truly sustainable business.

Part of the Centrica group of companies

British Gas business is part of Centrica Business Solutions. Our parent company is Centrica plc, a global energy and services company, dedicated to satisfying the changing needs of our customers.

A new approach to energy management

A new approach to energy management

Centrica Business Solutions brings together everything you need for the right energy solution - flexible financing models, comprehensive maintenance services, full lifecycle support, and expert guidance. The result is the right energy at the right price - and vitally, the right balance between what’s good for your business and the planet we share.

Our Approach and your Energy Pathway

Watch to see how Centrica Business Solutions can help you take advantage of new technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Net zero by 2045

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our society today. Learn about our plans to become a net zero business by 2045.

At Centrica Business Solutions, we're shaping low carbon future by enabling our customers and our business to use energy smarter and more sustainably.

As the need to accelerate our journey to net zero grows, Centrica has responded with the People & Planet Plan. We have set some clear goals to become net zero for our business, employees and customers.

Our net zero targets

  • 28% reduction by 2030
  • 40% reduction by 2034
  • 100% net zero by 2050

Our journey to net zero

Learn more about Centrica's progress on carbon reduction across our vehicle fleet by watching this video.

Our products

Corporate energy solutions for your organisation

Energy insights solutions - Monitor energy use across your infrastructure and use the intelligence to reduce waste, save cost and improve efficiency.

Combined heat and power (CHP) - Reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in facilities where there are combined heat, power and cooling requirements.

Solar photovoltaic panels for business - Reduce your reliance on grid energy and save money on your electricity supply with solar power generation.

Commercial heat pumps - Enable organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and energy spend, as well as their reliance on fossil fuels. We help you decide whether air source or ground source heat pumps are right for your business.