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Energy Efficiency

5 fundamentals of business energy strategy

As a business, you may be looking to reduce your environmental footprint, cut costs, or improve operational efficiencies. Many businesses, however, don’t have a strategy to effectively address these goals. We’ve highlighted five fundamental factors…
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29 Aug 2019

Energy News

Wimbledon and the fight for equal pay

In 2007, Wimbledon, arguably the most iconic tennis tournament in the world, served up a ground-breaking change that is yet to be widely replicated across the sporting universe. For the first time, both the Men’s…
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25 Jun 2019

Future proofing the gas network

The existing gas pipework in the UK was first used around 200 years ago, to pipe town gas to businesses. Homes were first connected to gas in the 1840s, which meant that residents could replace…
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14 May 2019