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We are one of UK's trusted energy suppliers and look after more businesses than any other provider. Your business matters to us regardless of your business type, size or location. We offer a range of prices and choice of terms designed to give you peace of mind.

Our business energy products

We offer fixed term energy plans, flexible rolling contracts as well as tailored business energy plans for customers with half-hourly meters or customers looking for greener business energy.

British Gas Lite

British Gas Lite is a fixed-price digital-first service offering lower costs to small business customers. Benefit from a smart meter, ease of Direct Debit payments and contacting us via web chat.

British Gas Lite

Business electricity

Benefit from zero carbon electricity, backed by REGOs and nuclear declarations. With a choice of contract lengths and business electricity rates tailored to your business size and energy use.

Business electricity

Half hourly meters

We'll give you a tailored price based on when and how you use electricity. We'll make the entire switching process quick and easy.

Half hourly meters

Business Gas

With a choice of contract lengths and business gas rates tailored to the size of your business and how much gas you use. Renewable options also available.

Business gas

Our green energy products

We offer zero carbon electricity as standard on all new and renewed fixed term contracts. But if you want to boost your organisation's green credentials further, you can opt for one of our low carbon or renewable energy plans for an added premium:

Natural Renewable Electricity

With our Renewable Electricity option, 100% of your electricity will be backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin from natural UK sources.

Natural Renewable Electricity

Carbon Neutral Gas

10% of your supply will be backed by Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin from UK production, and 90% will be backed by approved carbon offsetting projects.

Carbon Neutral Gas

Renewable Gas

With our Renewable Gas option, 100% of your supply will be backed by Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin from UK production.

Renewable Gas

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Switching your business electricity is easy

It's quick and easy to switch your business electricity supply to us. Once you accept our quote, the switch should be completed within 5 days. We'll manage the whole process for you.

How to switch

Existing customer?

If your contract is due to end, then you can renew in your online account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why change your business energy supplier?

You may have been with your existing supplier for some time - it's worth comparing prices as new customers normally get the best offers, you've got nothing to lose by getting a quote.

Have you recently moved into new premises? If you haven't agreed a new contract with the current provider then you'll be on a deemed contract . On average these can be 80% more expensive. Our dedicated business moves team can help.

If your business is more complex you may need a more bespoke plan. British Gas are the biggest energy supplier for businesses across the UK, we have the expertise to help.

Your current contract could be a fixed short term plan. Due to the current financial climate it's worth considering buying a longer term contract to give you peace of mind. We offer terms ranging from 30 days to 3 years.

You don't have to move your gas and electricity to the same supplier - so compare each separately to get your business the best deal.

If you want to reduce your energy costs make sure you find a tariff with a lower kWh unit rate. 1kWh can power your desktop for 3 hours. Your tariff will also include a standing charge , think of this as your telephone line rental, it covers the cost of your supply and keeps you connected to the energy network.

Can I have my business electricity and gas with two different business energy suppliers?

You don't have to use the same supplier for both your business electricity and gas supply. If you do use the same supplier you benefit from a better price, all your energy needs managed in one account and aligning all contract dates.