Energy brokers and third party intermediaries

Why use an energy broker to buy business energy?

Help with contracts, comparing prices, switching and managing your account

Shopping around for business gas and electricity can be crucial to your efficiency and bottom line. A broker can work as a middle man to help you compare business gas and electricity prices and plans, and to switch suppliers

A good broker could offer you:

Compare prices

  • A broker can compare business gas and electricity with your businesses specific needs in mind, helping you cut energy costs.

Time savings

  • Switching business energy suppliers is a straightforward process, but a broker can save you the hassle by handling all the paperwork.


  • Brokers should give you an impartial understanding of the business energy market and of what’s required for your businesses specific needs.


  • The best business energy deals last for fixed periods of time – a broker can actively monitor your account and help you make long-term savings.

Are brokers better than business energy comparison sites?

Business energy comparison sites

They offer different services

  • Businesses may be credit checked
  • Business energy suppliers don’t routinely publish all their tariffs
  • Contract length and other details are often based on a negotiation

A broker can help address the individual energy needs of your business and can also proactively monitor your account. They can also help you to manage your account.

For more information on comparing business gas and electricity, try these independent guides from Ofgem , the government’s energy regulator.


How to find the right business energy broker

Some brokers are better than others

  • Only deal with a company you trust and be careful about providing personal information
  • Carefully read a letter of authority before signing it – such documents can give a broker legal permission to agree to contracts on your behalf
  • Know what you’re paying – a broker may charge a fee or build their income into the contract
  • Watch out for impersonation – you need to be careful about passing over personal information and your renewal date
  • Use a broker who has signed up to the Citizens Advice code of conduct (pdf, 124KB)
How to find the right broker

Brokers selling British Gas business energy

Brokers selling British Gas business energy

Buy with confidence

  • All the third parties we deal with are trusted and independent organisations
  • We only share your information with a third party if we receive a signed letter of authority from you
  • We’ll only ever ask for your security information for validation
  • Our brokers have agreed to treat customers according to British Gas’ own values

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