Commercial Landlord tariff for business electricity and gas


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Our Commercial Landlord tariff may be right for you if you're:

  • A commercial landlord of commercial properties like offices, shops, hotels or care homes
  • Managing agent of commercial properties
  • Letting agent with commercial landlord responsibility

Benefits of the Commercial Landlord tariff

No standing charge to pay
Costs stay low as there’s no daily standing charge. A saving of at least £104 per year.

6 month tariff
The Commercial Landlord tariff lasts for 6 months. So if you haven’t found tenants and need to continue paying for the business energy, we’ll write to you with renewal options around 2 months before your tariff ends.

Fixed unit rates

You’ll pay a set unit rate for business electricity and gas.  This isn’t affected by your meter type or location.

More than one property?

You can purchase this contract for one or more of your commercial properties.

Daily standing charge


Business electricity unit rate

Business gas unit rate 5.86p

Landlord's Gas Safety Record

In addition to looking for things like landlord insurance, as a landlord, you have a legal responsibility to check all the gas appliances and installations on the premises are working properly and are safe. This includes making sure your boiler is working and safe.

We offer a Landlord’s Gas Safety Record where we perform an annual service and any repairs. Once your gas appliance has been successfully, tested you’ll receive a Gas Safety Record.


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Frequently asked questions about our Commercial Landlord tariff

I’m a residential landlord, can I buy this tariff?

A. We can’t offer you this tariff if you’re a landlord of residential properties.

What’s a commercial property?

A: Commercial properties differs from residential property because the property's main or only use is commercial (for business use), rather than serving as a residence.


Can I manage all my commercial properties in one place?

A: Yes, register for an online account and call us to get all your properties added so they all appear on your online account dashboard.

My tenant is moving, what do I need to do?

A: Please ensure you get a meter reading the day your tenant moves out and you’re responsible for paying for the energy bills.

For more info please go to Moving business premises

I’m already with British Gas business, how do I request my free smart meter?

A: Please fill out our Request a smart meter form

How can I buy this tariff?

A: You can only purchase this contract over the phone.

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