Moving business premises

Are you relocating your business premises?

Moving out

When you move out take a final meter reading and provide us with your new business address so we can send you your final bill.  

Please remember to send us

Your meter reading is important

A final meter reading will allow us to:

  • Calculate an accurate final bill
  • Give you a refund if you're in credit

Moving in

When you move into new business premises, the existing energy supplier to that property will put you on a deemed rate. Save money by calling us for a fixed price energy plan for your business electricity or gas supply.

After you've moved

Call the energy suppliers at both your new and old business premises with the important details of:

Your meter reading(s) and your contact address


Conduct a gas safety inspection

Conduct a gas safety inspection

Every employer has a legal obligation to maintain workplace gas appliances – we can help with gas safety.

Consider upgrading your boiler

Upgrading your boiler

You could lower your energy bills with a new, A-rated energy-efficient boiler specified to meet your business needs.

Conduct a gas safety inspection

Service and maintenance

Take out Business Care and trust our service and maintenance team to help keep your business running smoothly.

Manage your account online

Manage your account online

Using an online account is the easy way to stay on top of your business energy, while paying by Direct Debit can save you money.

Avoid estimated bills

Avoid estimated bills

Get into the habit of submitting regular meter readings to make sure you only pay for the energy you’ve actually used.

Services to help your business

Business smart meter

You can use our online form to request to upgrade to a smart meter.

Frequently asked questions about moving business premises

We’re here to help

How do I pay my final bill?

A: The easiest way to pay your final bill is by calling us. We'll calculate your final bill and you can pay the amount with a credit or debit card. We'll give you an authorisation code for the payment. If you pay by Direct Debit, we’ll also cancel that.

You can also organise final payment by post. If this is how you tell us about your business move, we’ll calculate your final bill and send it to you. You’ll need to pay any outstanding balances.

Remember you can make a payment online.

How do I get a credit refund?

A: If you’re still in credit from your previous address, you’ll need to send us your final meter reading along with your new address and phone number so you can get a credit refund. More on getting a refund.

How can I pay my final bill before seeing the invoice?
A: If you call us, we'll calculate the final bill when you’re on the phone and can send you an email copy of it. When any outstanding balances are paid, we'll give you an authorisation code confirming the details.
Why do you need my meter readings?

A: We use your meter readings to calculate an accurate bill. This means we can charge you for the energy you've used. If we incorrectly estimated your bill we'll give you a refund. Remember to always get a meter reading when you move in or move out of a business property.

Why have you asked for the contact details of the incoming occupant or landlord?
A: We need to know who’s legally responsible for the energy supply at the premises so we can contact them. If you’re selling a property, your solicitor may be able to provide this information.
Why do you need my name on the account? I may not keep British Gas as my business energy supplier.

A: We need to know who has legal responsibility for the energy supply at the premises on any given date. If we know this we can make switching energy supplier easier.

When you move into new premises that we supply, if you haven’t agreed an alternative plan with us, you automatically enter into a ‘deemed’ contract and go onto our ‘deemed’ rates. This is because you’re ‘deemed’ to have taken the energy supply from us. Deemed rates are variable rates and are higher than our fixed price, fixed term rates.

We’d like to give you a quote for a fixed price contract for a defined period of time. This type of contract could help you benefit from lower prices and avoid price changes for the length of your contract. If you want to switch suppliers, you'll need to write to us 30 days before you want to leave and pay any outstanding bills.

How do I change my energy account from business rates to residential ones?

A: If you’ve moved into premises that are charged on business rates, you’ll need to call us so we can make the account a residential one. The transfer process usually takes about 21 days to complete. During this time you’ll be on our standard domestic tariff, unless you’ve agreed a contract with us.

Will I need to set up a new contract if I change my business name, even if I’m staying in the same premises?
A: Yes, you’ll need a new contract if you change the legal entity of your business e.g. if it changes name or if it changes from being a sole trader to a limited company. In such cases, we’ll close your existing account and open a new one for the new business entity.
Why am I still being billed for premises I’ve left?
A: This will be because your account is still open at those premises. We can only close the account after you’ve told us you’re no longer legally responsible for the premises, and when you've paid the final bill or received any credits to your account. If you're still being billed, please call us so we can help you close the account.
Why have you billed me from a different date to when I moved in/moved out?

A: We’ll bill you for the period when you’re legally responsible for the energy supply at the premises, which may not be the same as the date when you actually moved in or out.

In some cases the previous occupier, or the occupier’s representative, may have provided some information that may be incomplete, or that may be different to the information you’ve provided.

To help us bill you accurately and resolve any conflicts of information, we may ask for a photograph of your meter read or proof of tenancy e.g. a lease agreement, or a solicitor’s letter.

How do I find out who supplies energy to my new premises?

A: The easiest way may be to ask the landlord or the previous owner/tenant. A recent bill could help identify who your energy supplier is.

If you can't find out this way, visit the Energy Networks Association (ENA) website. There you'll find all the details for finding out who supplies your business gas and electricity.

What’s your postal address?

A: You can write to us about your move. 

Our address is:

Business Move Team,
British Gas,
Winnall Down,
Alresford Road,
SO21 1FP

Where can I find more help & support?
I’m a broker and my client is moving, what do I need to do?
Would you like to contact us?

A: Moving out of your current premises?

Before you call us about moving out:

  • Get a recent bill for your account number & meter details
  • Get a meter reading
  • Call us on the day after you move out

    on 0333 220 9320*, Mon-Fri 8am-6pm


Moving into a new premises?

Before you call us about moving in:

* Call charges may apply