Business energy price plans

Understanding how you pay for your business energy is key to finding the right deal

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Fixed Price Energy Plans

Helping you to manage your business energy costs

  • The unit rate stays the same for the 1,2 or 3 years of your plan
  • Rates aren’t affected if market prices go up or down
  • Allows you to budget more accurately

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30 day Rolling Energy Plan

Freedom and flexibility for your business

If you don’t want a Fixed Rate Energy Plan you can choose our 30 day Rolling Energy Plan. With our 30 day Rolling Energy Plan your unit rate and standing charge could go up or down. We'll let you know at least 30 days before that your prices will change.

Our 30 day Rolling Energy Plan is only available to customers agreeing a new supply contract with us. Our Variable Price Plan is available for existing customers who don’t want a Fixed Rate Energy Plan.

If you're on our 30 day Rolling Energy Plan, remember that:

  • Energy prices could go up or down
  • You can upgrade to a Fixed Price Energy Plan or switch suppliers by giving us only 30 days notice and paying any outstanding bills.
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Half-hourly meters

Got a half-hourly electricity meter? We can offer an energy deal that fits around how and when your business uses electricity.

We'll help with your meter operating arrangements if you need it and make the entire switching process quick and easy.

Plans for Commercial landlords

Whether you have one commercial property or a portfolio, we can help you find the right plan(s) to suit your needs.

You can choose from our:

  1. Fixed Price Energy Plan 
  2. 30 Day Rolling Energy Plan

We've put together some useful information for Commercial Landlords  to help your choose the right plan for you.

Landlords have obligations to check all the gas appliances and installations on the premises are safe. We can help.

Landlord tariff
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Variable price plans

For when you want a variable plan

If you've been on one of our Fixed Price Energy Plans and it runs out before you’ve found a new deal, you'll be put on our Variable Price Plan. Also known as a VPP or out of contract rates.

  • Your unit rates could go up or down
  • We’ll write to you 30 days before rates are due to change
  • Allows for flexibility as you aren't tied in

Read about all your renewal options

Deemed rates

The default rate when you move into new premises

Deemed rates are known as the default rate.  

  • If you move into a new British Gas supplied premises without agreeing a new contract with us, you’ll be on our deemed rates
  • Deemed rates are usually more expensive than a Fixed Price Energy Plan. This is because it costs us more to buy energy to supply your business, if we don't know how long you'll be with us

If you're paying deemed rates you can move to a cheaper business energy price plan by contacting our business movers team.

Deemed rates will change depending on wholesale market price changes. We'll write to you before the prices change.

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Standard variable rates

Consider other options

We'll only move you onto our standard variable rates in exceptional circumstances.

If you're going to be moved onto these rates, we'll contact you to let you know the reasons and to explain the options that are open to you.

Large business and corporate customers

If you're a large business or corporate customer then these out of contract rates or Variable Price Plan apply.

Read about Variable Price Plans in the Large and Corporate Business Terms and Conditions

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