Business energy price plans

Understanding how you pay for your business energy is key to finding the right deal

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Fixed term energy plans

The key to managing costs

Our Fixed Price Energy Plans set the unit rate you're charged for a defined period of time. This rate will remain unchanged, even as market prices go up or down.

Finding the right fixed term plan could be the best way to manage the cost of your business energy.

In general, the longer you fix for, the higher the price. You're paying extra for the guarantee that allows you to budget more accurately for the length of the plan.

As well as the length of the plan and the price, you need to consider:

  • The basic standing charge (this fee isn't related to your consumption)
  • The terms and conditions if you want to leave the plan early
  • What happens when the contract ends

Flexible Energy Plan

Freedom and flexibility for your business

If you don’t want a Fixed Rate Energy Plan you can choose our Flexible Energy Plan. With our Flexible Energy Plan your unit rate and standing charge could go up or down. We'll let you know at least 30 days before that your prices will change.

Our Flexible Energy Plan is only available to customers agreeing a new supply contract with us. Our Variable Price Plan is available for existing customers who don’t want a Fixed Rate Energy Plan.

If you're on our Flexible Energy Plan, remember that:

  • Energy prices could go up or down
  • You can upgrade to a Fixed Price Energy Plan or switch suppliers by giving us only 30 days notice and paying any outstanding bills.
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Landlord tariff

Landlord Tariff

No standing charge and a 6 month contract at a fixed rate

Our Landlord Tariff is designed for commercial landlords and managing agents of commercial properties

With the Landlord Tariff, you’ll benefit from:

  • 6 month contract - for flexibility
  • No standing charge - to keep costs down when premises are empty
  • Single, fixed landlord unit rates – so you know what to expect
  • Free smart meter where eligible – installed by our expert engineers

Terms apply*


Variable price plans

For when you want a flexible plan

You'll be automatically put onto one of our Variable Price Plans (VPPs) if you've been on one of our Fixed Price Energy Plans and it runs out before you’ve found a new deal.

We'll let you know at least 30 days before you're moved on to a VPP. Your rates won't be fixed while you're on a VPP.

If you're on a Variable Price Plan, remember that:

  • Energy prices could go up or down
  • You're not tied to the plan
  • You can go back onto a Fixed Price Energy Plan at any time
  • You can switch suppliers by giving us 30 days' written notice and paying any outstanding bills
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Deemed rates

The default rate when you move into new premises

Our deemed rates apply automatically when:

  • You become responsible for a property, and
  • We're the existing energy supplier, and
  • You haven't agreed an alternative plan with us

Deemed rates are usually more expensive than a fixed price plan so we’ll let you know the options.

Or get in touch so we can help you understand the alternatives.

Out of contract rates

Consider other options

We'll only move you onto an out of contract rate in exceptional circumstances.

If you're going to be moved onto these rates, we'll contact you to let you know the reasons and to explain the options that are open to you.

Large and corporate customers

If your gas and electricity accounts are governed by our terms and conditions for large and corporate customers (v.9), when variable price product rates apply you’ll be charged out of contract rates. You can see those in our terms and conditions.

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*Smart meter install is only for electricity and based on eligibility. You must be a commercial landlord.