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Why choose us as your commercial energy supplier?

Effortless energy supply

  • With a wide range of tariffs, tailored energy solutions, smart metering, electronic billing, automatic payments and the ability to manage your account online

Personal touch

  • Our team of highly-skilled energy experts will handle your contract and give you regular status updates on any queries you may have

Energy insights

  • Identify consumption trends, drive operational cost savings and generate your own energy to help you meet your carbon reduction targets

Our commitment to you

Our customer charters explain the level of service you can expect from us.

My business spends more than £1m a year on business energy

 Major Accounts Customer Charter.pdf (pdf, 1.4 mb )

My business spends more than £100,000 and less than £1m a year on business energy

  Managed Accounts Customer Charter.pdf (pdf, 1.1 mb )

3 key ways we can support you to deliver an effective energy strategy

Fixed energy plans

Set the unit price and standing charge for the length of your contract (up to 5 years)

There are lots of benefits of fixing your business energy price, including:

  • Improved cost certainty. You know what your prices are for however long you agree
  • Simple to manage. Less administration compared to flexible price contracts
  • Peace of mind. Giving you confidence in budget projections

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Have you thought about Advantage?

The simple fixed-price energy package with a free smart meter, online account management, paperless billing and monthly usage reports.

Flexible price contracts

Buy all or part of your energy at any point before the month you use it.

Some of the benefits of a flexible price contract are:

  • Freedom. Take advantage of favourable movements in the market
  • Less vulnerability. Long term averaging of prices means you could be less susceptible to sudden price changes
  • Relationships. Through longer term partnerships we can help you to better control your energy spend

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Manage your account online

You can manage your business account online quickly and simply. All you need to do is register.

View your energy consumption


  • View your consumption by meter
  • See your account balance
  • View your bills
  • See all addresses associated with your account
Submit smart meter reads


  • Submit meter reads
  • Make payments
  • Set up a variable Direct Debit
Manage your business energy account


  • Manage users
  • Change your password

Register for an online account today, it only takes a few minutes

Making energy more entertaining for The O2, the world's leading gig venue

The O2

British Gas provides energy solutions to help run the 'city of fun' for 9 million visitors each year

Supplying energy to such a vast, interconnected infrastructure requires a sophisticated, scalable and flexible approach. That's why British Gas provides more than energy;

  • Accurate measurements & re-billing
  • Renewable procurement & on-site generation
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Comprehensive services

Our services

We can help design, install and maintain systems to support your business generate its own renewable energy on site. Our experts will consider all technologies available on the market including:

Solar PV panel

Solar PV

Biomass boiler

Biomass Heating

CHP boiler


Gas engine

Gas Engines

Heat pump

Heat Pumps

Battery services


Support with renewable energy targets

Support with renewable energy targets

If you're looking to bolster your business' Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda, you should be thinking about renewable energy. Find out more about our Renewable Energy for Business contracts.

Energy Insight sensors

Wireless energy monitoring

Commercial Energy Insight

We've partnered with Centrica Business Solutions to help boost your business energy efficiency with Energy Insight.

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Gas supply emergency information

Know your legal responsibilities

If you consume more than 732,000 kWh/Yr (25,000 Therm/Yr) you're classed as a large gas user.

It’s the responsibility of every large gas user to be prepared to cope with a gas supply emergency.

A gas supply emergency is when there isn't enough gas pressure to maintain a safe supply to all customers. Business users may be asked to stop using gas and/or isolate local gas supplies.

You must provide us with emergency contact details so you can be contacted in the event of a gas supply emergency.

Please make sure your usual contact at British Gas has your up-to-date emergency contact information (you'll find their contact details on your bill).

See the emergency contact leaflet (pdf, 44 kb) for more information.


* Call charges may apply