Switching business energy suppliers

Switching your business energy supplier is quick and easy in four steps. Switching helps get your business the best energy deal, ensures you're paying the most competitive business energy rates and keeps costs low.

4 steps to switching business energy suppliers

1. Get a quote

Call us for a competitive quote for your business electric and gas supply.

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2. Review your contract

Once you've agreed a quote with us and want to switch to us as your business energy supplier, we'll send you a contract pack. You don't need to do anything with this; it's just for your reference.

3. We'll process your switch

We will process your switch and contact your existing supplier for you. There's usually little for you to do if:

  • You're all paid up
  • You're not tied into your existing contract

4. Give us a meter reading

Before we switch your supply, you'll need to give us a meter reading. You can do this via your online account. Remember, we'll still need this even if your existing supplier installed a smart meter as currently they can't send data to other suppliers.

Why switch your business electricity and gas

Carrying out a regular business energy switch will help to ensure your business:

  • Gets a better business energy deal business energy rates
  • Is paying the most competitive price
  • Keeps costs low

Help when switching your business energy supplier from OFGEM

Advice on switching business.

Free independent, confidential and impartial advice when switching your small business to a new energy supplier

Moving in to business premises supplied by British Gas

If you've moved into a new premises supplied by us, we can give you a quote for the right energy contract to suit your business.

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Thinking of leaving British Gas business?

We're sorry you're thinking of leaving. There's a few things to do to make sure your business electricity or gas supply account is ready to switch.

What you need to do

Get a quote for business energy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I switch to British Gas business?

A: When you've agreed to switch your energy supply to us, this is the usual process we follow. We will:

  • Perform a credit check for you and your business
  • Contact your existing supplier and let them know we're taking over your supply on the date we've agreed with you
  • Send out an order confirmation pack. This will contain your contract with us, and details such as your account number, the price of your energy and other important information relating to your new supply

How long will my switch take?

A: If you're at the end of your contract and not in debt to your current supplier, we'll complete your switch to us within 5 days. There'll be no disruption to your energy supply, during that 21 day period, you'll be using energy supplied by your current supplier - so they'll send you a final bill, when the switch is complete. We'll keep you informed of the progress and your switch will be completed on an agreed date.

Why is my current supplier objecting to my switch?

A: Your current supplier may object to your switch if you have any outstanding balance left on your account or if you haven't given them notice to you leaving. If this happens, you'll need to speak to your current supplier as soon as possible to resolve the objection, otherwise your switch may be cancelled.

I've just switched to British Gas business, do I need to do anything?

A: To help ensure your switch to us goes smoothly, you'll need to:

  • Give notice to your current supplier, and pay any outstanding bills
  • Contact your existing supplier and let them know we're taking over your supply on the date we've agreed with you
  • Check all the contract details are correct
  • Submit an opening meter reading within five days of your supply starting so that we can send you a correct first bill.

We also suggest you register for an online account with us as soon as you can, as it makes managing your energy account with us easier. You'll need the account number in your order confirmation pack. Once you've registered, you'll be able to check the status of your switch.

Can I switch business energy supplier before my contract ends?

A: Yes you can switch your energy supplier at any time, but you may be charged an exit fee by your current supplier. If you find a cheaper business energy plan to switch to, make sure you include any fees your current supplier will charge you for ending your contract early. Usually, it's cheaper to wait for your current business energy contract to end before switching. If you do decide to switch, you'll need to give your current supplier notice, otherwise they may object.

Should I switch to a fixed energy tariff?

A: A fixed price energy tariff means that the unit price for gas and electricity won't change for the duration of the plan. You'll usually be tied in for at least a year and will pay fees if you want to exit the fixed deal early. A fixed price plan will give you some peace-of-mind that the amount you pay for each unit of gas or electricity you use won't increase during the term of your energy contract.