Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS)

What is the Radio Tele Switch Service?

The Radio Tele Switch Service (RTS) is an industry-run service. Some older and more complex meter types such as peak and off-peak rates use radio signals from the RTS to perform certain functions.

Many newer meter types rely on internal clocks and don’t use the RTS.

When will the Radio Tele Switch Service be shut down?

The RTS will be shut down on 31st March 2025.

From next year, meters that rely on the RTS could lose the ability to perform key functions. For example, depending on your meter type, the use of off-peak timings might not work which could lead to the loss of heating and hot water.

The loss of key functions will affect all non-domestic customers with an RTS meter regardless of the energy supplier. 

Does my meter rely on the Radio Tele Switch Service?

We’ll be in contact if you have a meter that relies on the RTS so you don’t need to do anything.

In the meantime, if you want to check your meter, you can look for to see if there’s a separate switch by your meter labelled ‘Radio Tele Switch Service’.

Most meters don't rely on the RTS and won’t be affected by the shutdown. If you have a single-rate meter or newer versions of the multi-rate meters, this won’t impact your meter functionality.

I have a Radio Teleswitch Service meter, what does this mean for me?

If you have an RTS meter your meter will be exchanged for a smart meter to ensure your energy supply isn't interrupted when the RTS is shut down. We’ll contact you to discuss next steps.

To find out more about upgrading your meter and the benefits of doing so, please read our smart meter FAQs