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I've received an email that says it's from British Gas business but looks like a scam. What should I do?

If you think you've been sent a scam email that refers to British Gas business, please send it to us at  and we'll investigate. Or you can contact us on social media via @BritishGasHelp 

How to spot a scam email

  • Poor grammar or spelling
  • It addresses you as 'Dear customer' or similar, rather than by your name
  • It asks you to update or confirm your details
  • You're not expecting the email but it asks you to open an attachment or click on a link (see Malware, below)

A scam email may have a link to a website that looks legitimate. But if you can't see our website address in your browser's address bar, it isn't our site.

Our website address begins The '' part comes at the beginning of the address – not or


Sometimes criminals use similar methods to scam emails to distribute malicious software or 'malware'.

This method will typically include an attachment or a link that you're enticed to click on, for example, a file called 'invoice.doc'.

These attachments or links will attempt to download malicious software onto your computer that could allow criminals to capture what you type, or compromise your personal files.

How to keep yourself protected:

  • Never click on links or attachments that you aren't expecting
  • Disable the use of 'macros' in Microsoft Office documents
  • Always make sure your software is up-to-date
  • Always run an up-to-date virus checker

How can I tell if an email is from British Gas business?

We'll email you for a number of reasons, including letting you know when a new bill is available, confirming a payment or other transaction or telling you about offers we think you might be interested in.

Please remember:

  • If the email relates to your account, it will quote your British Gas business account number
  • Our emails will only provide links to the website

If you're not sure, then type directly into your browser and log in to your account from there, rather than clicking on a link

For more information on how to protect yourself and your business online, visit Get Safe Online

If you're not sure that an email you've received is genuine, you can forward it to