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Having trouble with your online account?

See our frequently asked questions for possible reasons and what to do in each case.

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Why can't I log in to my online account?

If you've registered for a British Gas business online account but can't log in:

1. Forgotten your email address or password?

Can't remember your email address?

If you can't remember the email address you used to register for your account, chat with us and we'll get you back online.

Can't remember your password?

You can reset your password if you've forgotten it: Reset my password

2. Have you activated your account?

If you've just registered for your online account, you need to activate it before you log in for the first time.

Check your inbox or junk mail folder for an email that says 'Activate your online account' and click on the link. You need to do this within 24 hours of receiving the email, or your access will be timed out. You'll need to contact a super user to reactivate your account.

To do this, the super user must log in and go to 'manage users'. If you don't know who the super user(s) are for your organisation, you can chat with us for help when you see the blue icon.

How do I unlock my online account?

Your account will automatically unlock one hour after you locked it.

Why can't I see my latest bill online?

It can take up to two days for a bill to appear online.

Please wait 48 hours then check again. If you still can't see the bill then, you can request a copy of your latest bill online.

Why can't I see all my accounts in my online account?

When you're logged into your online account, you can go to 'Additional account request' and add an additional account there.

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