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What happens once I switch to British Gas?

It can take from three weeks to three months to switch your energy supply, so it’s important that you plan ahead carefully.
When you’ve agreed to switch your energy supply to us, this is the usual process we follow.
We will:

  • Perform a credit check for you and your business
  • Contact your existing supplier and let them know we’re taking over your supply on the date we’ve agreed with you
  • Send out an order confirmation pack. This will contain your contract with us, and details such as your account number, the price of your energy and other important information relating to your new supply

You’ll need to:

  • Give notice to your current supplier, and pay any outstanding bills
  • Check all the contract details are correct
  • Submit an opening meter reading within five days of your supply starting so that we can send you a correct first bill.

We also suggest you register for an online account with us as soon as you can, as it makes managing your energy account with us easier. You'’ll need the account number in your order confirmation pack.

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