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Brummies primed to turn up energy savings through insulation

New research shows Birmingham residents are unaware of the benefits of insulation, where they could save hundreds of pounds and keep their homes protected from the cold. It comes as British Gas has launched solid wall insulation in the city, which helps keep homes warmer for longer and could save up to £270 on energy bills a year.

As the weather turns colder across Birmingham, British Gas is highlighting to residents how they could save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills and help make their homes warmer with insulation.

The company has launched solid wall insulation in the city to help people keep their homes warmer for longer, which could also save them up to £270 a year*.

It comes as temperatures across Birmingham to fall to a chilly two degrees this week and could fall below freezing during the evenings.

In the dark over reducing energy usage
A new survey has revealed Birmingham residents are unaware of the benefits of insulating their homes.

According to the research, almost a third (28%) of people surveyed said that didn’t know the difference measures such as insulation can make on reducing their energy usage, while 25% said they didn’t know how to cut the amount of energy they use either.

Meanwhile, only 17% of people think insulation would make the biggest difference to how much energy they regularly use. However, almost three quarters (71.5%) said they would take steps to reduce the amount of energy they use if they knew they could save money on their bills.

The poll also found the majority of people in the city have yet to realise the benefits of installing some type of insulation – with less than a third (28%) saying their home has been insulated from the cold. Over half (59%) wrongly believe insulation will only save them £51- £100 a year on their energy bills.

Cheaper energy bills and warmer homes
Insulating homes can make a real difference in helping people to save money on their energy bills and help to make them feel warmer. This includes solid wall, cavity or loft insulation.

Solid wall insulation is a layer of insulation fixed to the outside wall of a house and covered with a render. It reduces the amount of heat escaping through walls and helps homes heat up quicker and stay warmer over a longer period. Solid wall insulation renews the appearance of homes and improves weatherproofing – in many cases making them look like new.

Birmingham residents can save up to£4,000 of the total cost of solid wall insulation through the Government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. A new wave of funding, available on a first come first serve basis, is expected to be released imminently. The last round of funding last year was taken up within just a few days of release so people in the city are being urged to book a survey to ensure their homes meet the criteria for the scheme, so they can then take advantage of the funding as soon as it has been released.

People can apply regardless of who supplies their energy and contact 0800 980 7640 or visit to find out if they are eligible.

Debra Goodwin, from British Gas Energy Efficiency, said: “Our research has found Birmingham residents are really missing out on the benefits of insulating their homes - by having lower energy bills and making them feel warmer, especially when the temperature dips during the cold winter months.

“Through our solid wall insulation, we are able to transform even the coldest of homes by keeping the heat inside of the property. It not only helps save people hundreds of pounds on their energy bills but also changes the entire external appearance of their home too - in many cases making them look brand new.

“The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is a great opportunity for residents to give their property an energy makeover, helping to make them fit and warmer for the future, while saving up to £4,000 cost on the work.”

Free cavity and loft insulation British Gas also provides free insulation to nine out of 10 homes which need it, subject to eligibility. Households can save up to £150 a year through loft insulation and reduce heat loss by up 25%. Cavity wall insulation can save up to £145 off energy bills and reduce heat loss by up to 35%**.

Notes to editors

  • *People living in a three bed semi detached house could save up £270. People living in a detached home could save on average £460 on their energy bills. Source: Energy Saving Trust –
  • ** Source: Energy Saving Trust - & 2014. Actual savings depend on individual circumstances.
  • The price of solid wall insulation varies from home to home. It can cost an average of £9,000 but with the Government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, people can claim up to £4,000 off the total cost of the insulation. Customers will need a survey and quote from an approved supplier both of which British Gas will do for free.
  • The survey was conducted by One Poll between 19/01/15 – 26/01/15 with 537 respondents from Birmingham.

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