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Dyserth eco-school given ‘green’ thumbs up by Chris Ruane MP

A Dyserth school which won a £65,000 energy makeover from British Gas’ Generation Green competition is reaping the benefits of the work, one year on since it was completed.

Chris Ruane MP visited Ysgol Hiraddug today (Thursday 5th March) to see how the raft of measures installed by British Gas are making a difference to the school’s energy usage and pupils’ understanding of how to be more energy efficient.

In 2013, Ysgol Hiraddug was one of 15 schools across the UK to be chosen as a winner in the Generation Green competition, after students successfully put together a design for an eco-school. 

Energy saving school fit for the future

Since winning the competition, British Gas has installed 58 solar panels to the school’s roof to generate their own electricity. Surplus power has been sold back to the National Grid too, earning over £1,800 for the school in the past year. 

Improvements were also made to school’s boiler to make it more energy efficient and insulation was added to hot water pipes to prevent them losing heat. 

As a result, the school saved almost £4,000 on its energy bills in the past 12 months. The school reduced its consumption of oil, used to heat the building, by 38%, while electricity consumption fell by 12% too. 

The carbon footprint at the school has also been reduced by almost third (29%) at 28 tonne.

Mr Ruane was given a tour of the school to see the impact of the work and he met with pupils to see how they have learnt to save energy in the classroom and at home.

He said: "It was great to see that the children were inspired by this project. 

"The savings can be used to buy extra books and equipment for the school in the coming years - and it's teaching the kids that energy efficiency not only makes sense but benefits them, the school and the environment. It's a great example of thinking globally and acting locally." 

Lynda Campbell, Regional Director for British Gas in Wales, added: “We’re thrilled at how successful the Generation Green energy makeover has been for Ysgol Hiraddug. 

“I’m delighted Mr Ruane was able to visit the school to see the positive impact the project is having there, through energy saving, cheaper fuel bills, and pupils who care about the energy they use now and in the future.” 

Gary Hulson, Head Teacher at Ysgol Hiraddug commented: “The support from British Gas has been greatly appreciated, especially as the children have learnt all about the importance of energy conservation. 

“The measures put in place have also made a considerable contribution towards the school’s finances.” 

For more information about the British Gas Generation Green and to register for free-of-charge learning resources, please visit:

Notes to editors

Generation Green
Generation Green is an education programme run by British Gas for school children, their teachers and their families. The programme provides free of charge learning resources, educational experiences and we invest millions of pounds in sustainable energy technologies for schools throughout the UK. Generation Green forms part of British Gas’ ongoing commitment to inspire curiosity in young people and help bring energy to life in a fun and innovative way, while reducing energy consumption for schools across Britain.

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