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Warm Home Discount provides a lifeline to thousands of British Gas customers

Over half a million British Gas customers received £140 to help towards their winter energy costs – thanks to the Warm Home Discount.

The Warm Home Discount is a five-year scheme introduced by Government and delivered by energy suppliers to help the most vulnerable with their fuel bills.  

Andrew Dickson is based in British Gas’ Leeds office, where he and his team helped 1,000 customers a day apply for the scheme.

Andrew, who has worked for British Gas for over 18 months, said: “When people have called us, I don’t think they realise the amount of help that is available to them. 

“When we speak to customers, they’re often anxious or worried, but once we explain the support available, their reactions change – it’s sometimes quite a shock to them.”

Helping people who need it most

In total, British Gas paid around 650,000 of its customers a total of £90 million in Warm Home Discount payments during the last financial year. Over the five years of the scheme, the company expects to spend more than £300 million.

Andrew continued: “People were relieved and grateful when they realised they were eligible. I could hear the surprise in their voice. In many cases our colleagues transferred calls to our teams as our primary focus is to help customers who need additional support– and our customers were often shocked when we’ve saved them money, especially when they called up British Gas for something different in the first place.”

It was also a gateway for people to find out about other services and support British Gas offers to its customers.

“I recently spoke to a man who’d sadly lost his wife and had to give up his job to care for his children” Andrew explained. “He was finding it difficult to pay for the bills and we were able to quickly establish he was eligible for the scheme, saving him money, but we were also able to put him on the Priority Service Register.  This meant his young family would be treated as a priority if they had problems with their boiler or if there was a power cut.”

Andrew continued: “The scheme was set up to help people most in need. There’s an enormous sense of job satisfaction knowing you’re helping customers – especially those who are vulnerable or elderly. It’s about going the extra mile to make sure people are looked after – as they should be.”

The last phase of the scheme has now closed but it is expected to be opened later in the year.

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Simon Feldman

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