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Biscotti, brulee and bread: British Gas reveals the recipe for most energy efficient bakes


  • Great British Bake Off inspires us to get in the kitchen but many say the cost puts them off
  • British Gas Bake Off Barometer reveals the energy for most bakes costs less than 30p
  • A power surge is expected as millions tune in to the final


The Great British Bake Off has had us glued to our screens and new research shows 1 in 4 (28%) of us have been inspired to have a go ourselves. However, a disappointed three quarters (76%) say their creations never turn out as well as the ones on TV and more than a quarter (27%) say the cost of baking puts them off.

According to the nationwide survey commissioned by British Gas, the Madeira cake from episode one is the most popular bake to recreate at home, with soda bread and crème brûlée taking second and third spots, respectively. Tricky ‘Mokatines’ are the least popular bake to try at home.

British Gas has compiled a list of the energy costs associated with the 10 most popular bakes from this year’s series so far.

Cream horns, which require just 10 minutes’ baking time, are the most energy efficient and cost just 5p in energy to bake, while the time-intensive three-tiered cheesecake takes two and a half hours to create – though still only amounts to 70p in energy.

Sarah Scrivener, a Smart Energy Expert at British Gas, is a Great British Bake off fan and enjoys baking Viennese whirls and Victoria sponges. She said: “Bakers worried about the cost of running their ovens can rest assured that the majority of Bake Off recipes cost less than 30p to cook in the oven. Whether you’re a beginner baker or a whizz in the kitchen, understanding how much it costs to cook can be really useful - as well as knowing things that can save energy like turning the oven off five minutes before the end of your cooking time.

If you have smart meters, you can check your in-home display which shows you how much energy is being used in near real-time, in pounds and pence. Our customers can also use online reports and apps to see how much they are spending on cooking each day, week or month.”

With data from the National Grid showing that last year’s final saw a power surge equivalent to a whopping nine million cupcakes being baked, energy experts are predicting a similar surge this Wednesday evening, when Mary and Paul crown the new winner.

To find out more about energy efficiency in the kitchen, take a look at British Gas’ tips here.



Notes to editors

Bake Off Barometer methodology


Total cooking time

kWh used*


Three-tiered cheese cake

2 hours 30 minutes

5 kWh


Madeira cake

1 hour

2 kWh



55 minutes

1.8 kWh


Crème brûlée

45 minutes

1.5 kWh


Quick bread (such as soda bread)

35 minutes

1.2 kWh


Black forest gâteau

30 minutes

1 kWh


Frosted walnut layer cake

30 minutes

1 kWh


Chocolate tart

25 minutes

0.8 kWh



20 minutes

0.7 kWh


Cream horns

10 minutes

0.4 kWh


Above based on an average electric oven using 2kWh - 

Above based on an average cost of 14.05p per kWh -

*kWh rounded to nearest decimal place

** Cost rounded to nearest penny

Survey methodology

Opinium Research online survey of 2,006 nationally representative UK adults 25th - 29th September 2015.

About British Gas

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About Smart Meters

Smart meters replace existing standard gas and electricity meters and will be introduced in homes and businesses as standard by 2020. They come with an in-home display, also known as a smart energy monitor, that displays how much gas and electricity is being used, and its cost in pounds and pence, in near-real time. That information is shared with energy suppliers automatically, putting an end to estimated bills and meter readings. The information from smart meters gives customers greater understanding of how they’re using their energy. British Gas customers can also use the my energy tool for reports on their energy usage.  British Gas is currently trialling Smart Pay As You Go as well as new apps that enable smart meter customers to get information about their energy use on their smartphone.

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British Gas is Britain’s leading energy supplier, and serves around 11 million homes in Britain – nearly half the country’s homes – as well as providing energy to around half a million British businesses. British Gas provides value for money, dedicated customer service, innovative energy solutions and the highest quality Homes Services expertise in the country. Find out more at

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