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Dyno Warns Households Of "Yule Log Clog", As Toilets Face Extra Strain This Christmas

  • Surge in emergency jobs to fix blocked toilets expected during the festive season
  • Dyno engineers working around the clock to make sure customers can avoid the “Yule Log Clog”
  • Practical advice and simple steps to help fix a blocked toilet


With Christmas fast approaching plumbing, heating and drains specialist, Dyno, is appealing to the British public to think of the pipes as it expects to see a surge in emergency jobs to fix blocked toilets and internal sewage overflow during the festive season.

Dyno is no stranger when it comes to clearing up blockages, overflows or floods. However, for plumbing and pipes Christmas can be the worst time of year due to a combination of extra guests in the home and over-eating.

The company is expecting the added pressure on pipes to cause a 12% increase in emergency call-outs to fix blocked toilets, and a 34% increase in call-outs to repair and clean-up internal sewage overflow. It calls the phenomenon “Yule Log Clog”.

Speaking about the situation that some unfortunate householders will face this Christmas, Dyno engineer Jimmi Double said: “It can be unsavory and embarrassing when your toilet stops working, so it’s important to lighten the load and get help from professionals as soon as possible. 

"This Christmas Dyno engineers will be working around the clock across the country to make sure that you can flush without fear of a blockage and avoid the "Yule Log Clog."

Practical advice 
Dyno has some simple steps to help fix a blocked toilet.

1. Come protected: If there's one part of your plumbing you really don't want to come into contact with, it's a blocked toilet. Before you get started, make sure you've got:
a. protective glasses
b. a pair of long rubber gloves
c. a small plunger
d. a strong black bag without holes

2. Don't flush: Most of the time, flushing a blocked toilet is just going to make things worse. The bowl could fill up with dirty water, and you might even end up with sewage on your bathroom floor. So before you try anything else, get started on removing the blockage.

3. Be brave: Put on your protective gloves and glasses, and place your hand into the bowl. Feel around for anything that might have fallen in and become stuck, and see if you can start to loosen any toilet paper that might have built up in the bend.

4. Plunge carefully: Lift up the toilet seat and place the plunger at the bottom of the bowl. Move the plunger up and down to start to loosen the blockage, but do it gently – you don't want any sewage spilling over the side of the toilet and damaging your bathroom floor.

5. Safely dispose of the waste: Once you've loosened the blockage, pull all of the waste out of the toilet and place it carefully into your black bag, being careful not to drip any dirty water onto yourself or the floor. Once you've removed all of the waste, tie up the bag and take it straight out of the house.

6. Test the toilet: With the blockage cleared and the waste removed, your toilet should be back to normal. But just to be sure, place some toilet paper into the bowl and flush the toilet, watching to make sure that it clears. By following these steps, you should now know how to unblock a toilet, and you should be able to deal with most common cases by yourself. But if you find yourself stuck with a blockage that just won't go away, it might be time to call in a Dyno engineer to take a look.


Notes to editors

About Dyno: 

  • Dyno is part of Centrica and operates around 45 franchises all over the country with over 1,000 fully qualified engineers. 
  • Skilled engineers assist with plumbing, drains and heating problems, and the nationwide service operates 24/7. 
  • For more information on Dyno please visit:

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