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British Gas engineer saves life of toddler on busy road

  • Toddler in danger as he runs into road in Watford
  • Quick-thinking engineer leaps to child’s rescue and prevents tragic accident

British Gas engineer Mo Latif reacted quickly to save the life of a toddler, who was about to walk into oncoming traffic in Watford on Saturday evening.

Mo, who was on his way home after attending to emergency call-outs in the area, pulled up on Whippendell Road after seeing the infant on his own at 9.45pm.

When the toddler ran into the road, Mo’s instinct took over and he leapt out of his van to bring the child, who was only a few feet from a moving vehicle, to safety.

After Mo had safely brought the toddler back onto the pavement, his father came out to comfort his son and thank the engineer for preventing what could have been a tragic accident.

Speaking about the experience, Mo Latif said: “When I saw the little boy, who was about 17-months-old, on his own, I stopped my van -- because it was late and I wondered why he was alone.

“I couldn’t believe it when he ran into the road. My instinct took over to save him from danger. The little boy’s dad was so thankful when he was reunited with his son. When I got back into my van it took a few minutes to compose myself after such a massive shock.

“As a father, it’s hard to think that within a split second the course of that little boy’s life, and his family, could have been changed forever. I’m glad that I was there when it mattered.”

CCTV has captured the heart-stopping moment the child is saved and reunited with father and can be viewed here:

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