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British Gas engineer receives commendation after saving knife attack victim

British Gas engineer Aran Osman (38) reacted quickly to save the life of a teenage boy, who was being pursued by an attacker intent on stealing his mobile phone.
Aran, who was travelling to work in his British Gas van in Bow, East London, saw a boy approaching a bus. At the same time, he was shocked to see another boy walk towards the victim while pulling out a large knife.
The victim ran across the road to escape so quick-thinking Aran drove his van between them to try and create a barrier. He shouted at the attacker to put the knife down and said to him “don’t be stupid, I’ve got a camera on my van and there are cameras in the street!”
The attacker was undeterred and ran around Aran’s van. The victim shouted, “he’s trying to steal my mobile phone.”
Aran again tried to stop the attacker by moving his van across the pavement but it did not stop the attacker from reaching the young boy and striking him repeatedly on the head. In an astonishing show of courage Aran did not give in, he moved the van closer again and used his door to separate the two. At this point the victim, bleeding from head and neck wounds, ran around and Aran helped him into the van through the passenger door.
But the ordeal still was not over, as the attacker started banging on the passenger window to get at the frightened boy. It was at this point Aran managed to drive off and get the boy to his nearby home. The police were called but as Aran and the boy approached the victim’s home the attacker came through the flats still intent on attack. The boy’s mother was screaming and with the police and some reinforcements in the shape of Aran’s colleagues Arron Philips and Deniz Osman (Aran’s brother) finally forced the attacker to run away.
The police were able to administer first aid.
Speaking about the experience, British Gas engineer Aran Osman said: “When I saw the boy, who was about 13-years-old, my instinct kicked in and I knew that I had to help.
“Everyone was watching what was going on and some were even filming it on their phone, but nobody was doing anything to help this kid. It was the right thing to do and I’m glad that I could help.”
Jon Vanns, Aran’s manager, was so overwhelmed by Aran’s actions that he contacted the Royal Humane Society. Aran has subsequently received a commendation from the Society, which grants awards for acts of bravery in the saving of human life and also for the restoration of life by resuscitation.
Speaking about Aran’s act of bravery, Jon Vanns, Head of Field Operations at British Gas for London and the South East said: “We’re all very proud of Aran. There were a few people in the area that did nothing and I have no doubt Aran’s actions have saved a life.”
Andrew Chapman, Secretary and Chief Executive at the Royal Humane Society, said: “I am delighted that Aran Osman has been recognised by the Royal Humane Society for his selfless act of bravery. He put himself in considerable danger to save the life of a complete stranger when he could so easily have driven by. In doing so he displayed courage and compassion, and rightly deserves his award. He joins the pantheon of Royal Humane Society awardees going back to 1774.”
Aran’s certificate of commendation was presented to him by his manager in front of his peers earlier this week.

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